What happened to BeastEater’s face? Fans are Worried for her

Stephanie Margarucci, who is popularly known as BeastEater, has buzzed on social media. Her recent TikTok video has created concern among her fans and followers. She has amassed a lot of followers on her social media account with her dance moves and lip-sync videos on TikTok.

As she has a lot of followers, she gets attention for even minor things, but this time she became the center of discussion due to her face. Her recent TikTok video has raised concerns about her face.

Margarucci’s Inspiration for Dance

Margarucci started her journey as a dancer with the help of YouTube videos by renowned choreographer Matt Steffanina. She took inspiration from Steffanina and started practicing dance.

The dance videos of Steffanina’s helped Margarucci, a.k.a., BeastEater, climb high in the dancing profession. With how-to-dance videos of Steffanina, Margarucci polished her skills and reached the heights of hip-hop dancing crews.

As a rookie dancer, she became a professional choreographer. BeastEater climbed out of the “dark time” of her life and became a competitive dancer.

Meeting the Love of her Life

Her dancing career not only led her to reach new heights but also helped her meet the most precious person in her life. She met Marcus Olin during her dancing career, who is her boyfriend now. He is also a fellow creator of Margarucci. They both started the channel on YouTube.

On the dance crews, she was popular for “eating” up the competition as she was so good at it. Her performance used to be killer and this compliment of “eating” up the competition gave her the idea to take the name BeastEater.

Since the beginning of her YouTube journey, Margarucci has taken the nickname BeastEater, which has become a prominent part of her identity among her fans.

What happened to BeastEater’s face?

BeastEater got a chemical burn on her face. In the latest TikTok video, she showed her face without saying anything but it looked severely burned. Her face looked too painful, which created a buzz about her health.

What happened to BeastEater's face

Margarucci, also known as BeastEater, got a chemical reaction, due to which her face burned. She used an expired product, which burned her face and she didn’t even go to the ER.

She just visited an urgent care facility, which didn’t do any good for her. After that, she used a steamer, which caused her more damage, and now, with chemical burns, she also has a bacterial infection.

Well, according to Margarucci’s TikTok caption, it looks like she is in good hands, as she thanks the doctors and staff for taking care of her. Hopefully, she will get well soon and get back on track with full positivity and enthusiasm.

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