What happened to Bianca Peters on Channel 5? A New Chapter Begins at Fox 5

In the world of television news, Bianca Peters’ newest move at Fox 5 has prompted debate and interest.

As the New Year begins, viewers are left wondering what happened to Bianca’s morning duty and how she is weathering the transition.

2024 began with a surprise for the popular Fox News New York presenter. No, she’s not leaving the station; instead, she’s adopting a more ‘regular’ schedule. The question on everyone’s mind is: why the shift?  

Fox 5’s morning dynamic is changing, and the focus is on variety. While fans are used to watching Bianca co-anchor Good Day New York with Rosanna Scotto, a new face is about to appear on the morning screens.

In a Michael Strahan-esque move, NFL anchor Curt Menefee takes Bianca’s place, giving a new energy to the early hours.

What happened to Bianca Peters on Channel 5
Bianca Peter

What happened to Bianca Peters on Channel 5?

Bianca Peters’ role at Channel 5 underwent a shake-up in 2024. She stepped away from her morning co-anchor position on Good Day New York, replaced by NFL host Curt Menefee.

The good news for Bianca’s lovers is that she will not depart from the Fox 5 scene. Far from it.

She will appear on the afternoon show The Noon and co-host The Fox 5 News at 6 p.m. Bianca’s irresistible energy and personality will now light up the screens later in the day, allowing fans to catch their favorite anchor.

Curt Menefee is pleased about the prospect, praising the diversity of morning television. However, supporters appear to be feeling a range of emotions about the transition.

Bianca, ever the optimist, turned to Instagram to express her views on the shift. Choosing 2024 as the year of ‘work-life balance,’ she emphasized her resolve to get up and go to bed at ‘regular’ times.

The absence of the early morning shift at Fox 5 will surely help to achieve these new targets.

However, supporters appear to be divided on the changes. Some people mentioned how much they missed Bianca in the morning, recalling her connection with Rosanna Scotto and how the energetic duo started their day.

Others expressed delight about the new routine but were disappointed that they did not catch Bianca until 6 p.m.

A New Chapter Begins at Fox 5

Those who tune in early will miss out on the clever banter and chemistry that made mornings with Bianca and Rosanna so enjoyable.

However, the silver lining is that it is not a farewell, but rather see you soon at a different time.’ Fans are eager to see Bianca at noon or 6 p.m., knowing that this is not the end of their favorite anchor’s time on television.

Finally, the relocation marks a change in Fox 5’s morning schedule, bringing viewers to a new dawn with Curt Menefee.

Bianca Peters’ adventure continues with a new career that matches her 2024 ambitions. If the shift helps her live a better, healthier life, supporters will undoubtedly support the new chapter.

In the ever-changing television environment, where anchors have become a part of our daily routines, Bianca’s departure serves as a reminder that change is unavoidable.

As the adage goes, it’s not the end, but rather a fresh beginning. So, here’s to Bianca Peters, embracing the ‘regular’ hours and bringing her vivid attitude to new Fox 5 slots – a humorous and energetic force in the news industry.

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