What happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws? Is he still on Street Outlaws?

Big Chief, also known as Justin Shearer, has been a part of Discovery’s reality racing show Street Outlaws for a long time. His subsequent roles on America’s List and No Prep Kings, two of Street Outlaws’ spinoff shows, further solidified his status as a gifted racer.

However, when the fourth season of No Prep Kings rolled around in the fall of 2021, Big Chief was absent from the show. He was nowhere to be seen in the second season of America’s List, leading viewers to speculate whether he had been fired from the show or left on his own accord.

To understand what happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws, continue reading today’s article. Moreover, here we will also discuss whether he left the show or not.

Street Outlaws

Do you know anything about this show? Have you ever watched it?

Street Outlaws is an American reality television series that airs. On June 10, 2013, the Discovery Channel premiered the series. Thirteen seasons and 105 episodes in all have been produced for the program The original network of the show was Discovery Channel.

Who is Big Chief?

Justin Shearer, also called ‘’Big Chief,’’ is well-known for starring in the popular racing contest ‘’Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.’ Justin, who is 43 years old as of 2023, was formerly a member of the Street Outlaws’ Team 405 group.

What happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws
Big Chief

He first became interested in racing when he was nine years old and he would ride his bike to Old Route 66 to watch the street races. Since then, Big Chief has had a big passion for the wheels.

After seeing the Old Rute competition, he was eager to participate, but it wasn’t until he was old enough that he did it and bought his first racing car, a 1972 Pontiac Le Mans.

Since then, Justin has been in the racing world; the first project he took part in was Serotonin in 2010, Street Outlaws in 2013, and more recently, America’s List in 2021.

What happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws?

Big Chief finally spoke up, stating that he left Street Outlaws because he did not agree with its new course.

Although Big Chief has been on the show for so long, this isn’t the first time he has decided to take a break from it. When he did it the last time, he made it clear that he needed to take a break in order to spend time with his family.

At first, everyone assumed Big Chief had done the same thing again because he had not made any official statements or comments. While Chief’s participation in the 4th season of No Prep Kings was uncertain, many theories and rumors arose.

Fans of Street Outlaws were taken aback by Big Chief’s absence. It is impossible to tell whether he was removed from the show or left.

In a video that he posted to his YouTube channel, he discussed the reasons for leaving.

The Big Chief alleged that he ultimately decided to leave Street Outlaws because he disagreed with production.

Big Chief also said in his video that he thought the show should continue to focus on racing and remain as “street as possible.”

Consequently, he found it uncomfortable to enforce regulations that he did not believe served the interests of the community.

According to his statement,

“The direction that things are going in, the changes that are being made, and the way things are being done don’t even resemble something that I helped build… I have to make the decision that I can’t stand up there and defend rules and decisions that I didn’t make and don’t agree with.”

Big Chief’s accusations were contested by James Goad, a cast member of Street Outlaws. He questioned the integrity of Big Chief and his claims. He claimed that he was manipulative and that the other cast members were uncomfortable on the show.

It is unclear if Big Chief will find a solution to his problems with the production of the show.

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