What Happened To Big Freedia? Big Freedia’s Emotional Outburst- A Family’s Struggle in the Spotlight

Renowned New Orleans bounce artist Big Freedia was thrown back into the harsh spotlight of the media during the turbulent aftermath of Cardell Hayes’ retrial. Here’s a peek into the emotional rollercoaster that occurred on that tragic Saturday outside the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

The Courthouse Confrontation- Big Freedia Speaks Out

Big Freedia’s feelings were evident as she left the courtroom. She had just finished marching with Krewe Boèhme, and her expression was a combination of grief and rage as she addressed the media.

Cardell Hayes, her cousin, was recently found guilty of manslaughter in the untimely death of former New Orleans Saints star Will Smith. She said, “Self-defense,” mirroring the attitude of Hayes’s defense group. She justified her cousin’s conduct with tears in her eyes, saying that any male in his place would have followed suit.

What Happened To Big Freedia
Big Freedia

What Happened To Big Freedia? A Candid Condemnation- Big Freedia Takes Aim

However, Big Freedia’s uncensored scream was what had the audience’s full attention. She spit out, “F—k all of them, especially Jason Williams,” her words brimming with disdain for the district attorney. She expressed her deep sorrow for the perceived injustices that had occurred within the walls of the courtroom and condemned what she saw as corruption within the legal system in a very visceral display of passion.

Family Matters- A Glimpse Behind Closed Doors

The heartbreaking incident involving Hayes and his family transpired in sharp contrast to the mayhem. It was evident that Hayes and his grandma were grieving deeply as their boy clung to her as he was taken away in handcuffs.

A relative gently spoke to Hayes in a soft voice, reassuring him of his ability to persevere in the face of difficulty.

The sound of Hayes’s family members’ heartfelt farewells reverberated around the courtroom as he withdrew into the judge’s chambers to say goodbye, providing a moving reminder of the human cost of justice.

Big Freedia’s emotional outburst during the turbulent trial aftermath is a monument to the strength of family relationships and the challenges of enforcing the law in a community beset by sorrow and corruption.

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