What happened to Blake Baggett? Where is he now?

Blake Baggett was born on January 31, 1992, in California. In 2015, he joined James Stewart Jr., another motocross racer, on the Suzuki team.

Blake owns and operates one of the world’s most elite motocross training facilities in Florida known as “Chupacabra Ranch.” He was nicknamed “El Chupacabra” due to his innate ability to come on strong late in races and crush the hopes of his competitors by passing them in the 2012 outdoor championships. 

Why did Blake Baggett retire?

It is surprising that he abruptly retired due to a disagreement over a contract with Forest. Since Blake’s timing was perfect, it is assumed he decided to make it a career, whereas most guys would have looked for another job.

What happened to Blake Baggett?

Blake Baggett returns to the Husqvarna, riding at Rockstar Energy!

As it turns out, Blake Baggett never “retired” from racing—instead, he simply vanished after the 2020 campaign. That was very Blake Baggett of him, never one could be certain of what was going on in his camp, and he always marched to the beat of his drum.

Blake Baggett dropped a bombshell when he showed footage of himself training on an outdoor national track on a Husqvarna 450. In less than two months, the Outdoor National Motocross Championship will get underway. It seems as if Blake is gearing up to race again!

What happened to Blake Baggett
Blake Baggett

Over the past few years, Bagget has spent most of his time with his family and raising his little boy, Braeker Bagget, who is already racing a 50cc. So his social feed has consisted of family events and teaching his son to ride for the past 3 ½ years.

Well, he dropped a clip that took us all by surprise. The caption read, “1282 Days. It’s been a minute.”

Similar to the RAM Qualifying Race on Saturday, Jeremy Seewer of the Kawasaki Racing Team beat Jorge Prado to the Fox Holeshot Award in the first race. However, a swift inside move into the second corner put the reigning World Champion back in the lead. 

Blake has been spotted at local tracks in California because his young son, Braeker, is riding. He was even on the floor with Braeker for the Stacyc Holeshot Challenge at the SuperMotocross World Championship (SMX) Finale in Los Angeles. Blake, though, has never said anything about his career.

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