What happened to Boyinaband? Biting criticisms

David Paul Brown (conceived 24 August 1987), referred to expertly as Boyinaband, is an English artist, musician, rapper, and YouTuber. David Paul Brown is known for his tune “Don’t Stay in School” and joint efforts with other YouTubers. David Paul Brown began his YouTube channel as a side undertaking for You and What Army.

He started to stretch out, posting an expansive assortment of recordings, like instructional exercises, instructive, video blogs, surveys, plays, and music recordings.

What happened to Boyinaband?

Boyinaband AKA David Paul Brown was seriously accused of hebephilia and sexual deviance with children under the age of 15. This allegation was made by a Reddit user, whose post vividly describes his sexual abuse of female children as young as 15 years old.

The question arose after Boyinaband had not uploaded any videos to his YouTube channel since December 23, 2019. His fans were left wondering where he was after his sudden and unexpected disappearance.

Meanwhile, a report from YouTuber Teacher Eddie suggested that David Paul Brown did not have the best relationships with his former girlfriends, and a month before his disappearance, a few of his ex-girlfriends released tape recordings that hinted at his previous abusive behavior toward them.

A letter was posted stating that many years of empowering his oppressive way of behaving had resulted in numerous terrible and risky circumstances, including long stretches of lies, controls, and profound, monetary, physical, and even maltreatment of numerous young children.

What happened to Boyinaband

He also has a proven pornos compulsion, which includes being drawn to pre-teen girls, women who dress like children, harmful pornos, and attacks. He is a hebephile. Five females reportedly sent the letter to David Paul Brown’s family in an attempt to stop his aggressive behavior. Later, more women joined in, bringing the total to a comfortable double-digit.

How has the internet reacted to the Boyinaband allegations?

The allegations have resulted in biting criticisms directed at him on all online platforms. Reddit users, in particular, had harsh words to say about the subject.

Boyinaband AKA David Paul Brown has received numerous negative reactions, with many strongly condemning his actions. A glance at a few Reddit comments would help readers understand the gravity of the accusations.

For example, one of the users stated that they never liked him because something about him seemed off and creepy. Gut instincts strike again. They hope people apologize for collaborating with him. Others additionally shared their instinctual detest for the rapper by expressing that certain individuals simply have something not quite right about them that you can’t place.

A few clients talked exhaustively about how stages like YouTube make sufficient room for pedophiles to do their intolerable activities, because of their simple admittance to youngsters.

The remark said that they hypothesize that being a YouTuber naturally gives you admittance to a more youthful group. Kids are all over YouTube and getting well-known and causing specific substances will nearly ensure that you’ll have children/teenagers as your fans.

So it isn’t so much that YouTubers continue to be exposed as pedos, it’s that pedos continue to become YouTubers because they realize that it’ll allow them the opportunity to speak with and impact youngsters without any problem.

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