What happened to Chris from Mr. Beast? The journey from Chris to Kris

Kris Tyson, a longstanding member and friend of Jimmy “MrBeast,” has begun hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which has been making headlines in the YouTube community lately.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical intervention for transgender women that entails the use of estrogen and frequently anti-androgen medicine to encourage the development of female physical traits.

In addition, Kris Tyson revealed that she has been receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for the past few months, which has caused her body to undergo major physical changes in addition to her voluntary changes in attire and hairstyle.

What happened to Chris from Mr. Beast?

Chris from Mr. Beast has undergone a hormonal and stylistic transformation. She identifies as a woman now. It is hardly surprising that Kris Tyson has made frequent appearances in Mr. Beast’s videos.

Examples that contrast her post-hormone replacement therapy appearance with her current appearance are flayed all over the internet.

What happened to Chris from Mr. Beast
Chris Tyson

Kris used to dress and carry herself in a way that was traditionally associated with men before this year. She also had a beard, based on photos she posted on Instagram.

Does Kris Tyson have a child?

Kris has a son with her ex-wife, a son. They announced their split via Twitter, stating they wanted to keep their privacy intact. Since they tweeted about it in 2020, Kris has also publicly acknowledged that they are bisexual.

When did people first pick up signals about Chris’ transformation?

When she started expressing herself differently, it needed to be clarified. But in late 2022, some changes—like long hair—became apparent. More obvious changes have emerged in the last few months, including longer hair, no facial hair, and wardrobe choices that are often associated with women.

Naturally, there has been a lot of criticism and transphobic remarks regarding Kris Tyson’s gender transition and alterations. For example, the contentious streamer Sneako (who

formerly collaborated with Mr. Beast) mentioned how much more edgier Kris used to be. She used to joke about her gender identity, he said, even identifying as “an attack helicopter.”

He declared:

“I remember when I met this guy, Chris, especially, who’s trans now; they were shooting AK-47s, they had guns in their thumbnails; they were making edgy jokes; ‘Oh, I identify as an attack helicopter; I’m 30 genders;’ they’re making like edgy jokes.”

Mr. Beast and their pals haven’t wavered in their support of her despite this. Acknowledging gender dysphoria as a legitimate condition is crucial.

When did Kris officially come out as a woman?

Kris Tyson came out as a woman and formally disclosed her pronouns on Anthony Padilla’s popular show ‘I Spent a Day with’., Kris Tyson made an appearance as a guest when she formally came out as a woman. Additionally, she disclosed her new pronouns, saying:

“I am a woman! She/her. I’ve never said that publicly enough. But I’ve been fully, like, confident in that decision for over a year now. My idea was to kind of play catch-up with the internet in the way that I discover myself. Like you were talking about.

You know – six, seven, or eight months ago, my hair started growing out. All those kinds of things. I wasn’t quite sure who I was yet, but I knew I was not cisgender.”

Additionally, Kris Tyson discussed the social constraints associated with being recognized as “the guy” in Mr. Beast videos:

“And, after a lot of talking with the therapist and a lot of, like, self-reflection, I realized it was just the societal pressure of, ‘You’re Chris from MrBeast.

You’re the guy who starts the fires! You’re the guy that builds the stuff!’ You know? And, like, my whole life, I’ve enjoyed doing those things. But I’ve never really felt like, ‘The guy.’”

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