What happened to Christopher on NCIS New Orleans?

Fans all throughout the world loved Lucas Black’s character Christopher LaSalle in the fast-paced life of NCIS- New Orleans. But a plot twist or rather a twist of fate, left fans shocked. Now let’s go into the specifics and find out what happened!

What happened to Christopher on NCIS New Orleans?

Christopher LaSalle was killed off in Season 6, Episode 6 of NCIS: New Orleans. He was shot while investigating his brother’s death. His departure was driven by Lucas Black’s desire to spend more time with his family after observing the toll of the entertainment industry on family life.

The episode, appropriately named “Matthew 5:9,” saw LaSalle battle a heroin ring in Alabama before his heroic efforts came to an end in a heartbreaking hospital scene when he passed away from his wounds. With his wake held in Pride’s bar, the team said goodbye, bringing in a new chapter for NCIS- New Orleans and its strong fan base.

Behind the Scenes- The Exit of Lucas Black

Fans were stunned by Christopher’s exit, however, it was Lucas Black’s decision to express farewell to the loved person that caused a real earthquake in the NCIS world. In any case, for what reason did he leave the show that had been dismissed into his home away from home?

Black disclosed the true reasons for his leaving in an open admission. Black acknowledged working incredibly hard, putting in an amazing 70 hours a week during the show’s early seasons, citing the demanding nature of the entertainment industry.

Black understood the impact his hectic schedule was having on his personal life because he had a family waiting for him.

What happened to Christopher on NCIS New Orleans

He said in a moving reflection, “I have to give up a lot of things in my life in order to be here. But now is the moment for me to give those things in my life more priority.” Black took the brave decision to leave the spotlight in order to be with his loved ones more and protect them from the difficulties of show business.

The Fallout- NCIS- Chaos in New Orleans

There were issues with NCIS-New Orleans after LaSalle left the show. The absence of him frightened and alarmed viewers, who thought the show wouldn’t be something similar. The show’s critical effect was demonstrated by the decrease in viewership following his exit. Some accepted that it might have been the justification for Season 7’s finale of the show.

After withdrawing from NCIS-New Orleans, Black’s effect endured. His post-NCIS vocation shows his anxiety for significant things throughout everyday life, like spending time with his family and featuring in new movies.

NCIS-New Orleans says farewell to a loved person as Christopher LaSalle’s section reaches a conclusion, leaving a misfortune in the hearts of fans wherever as well as an ocean of memories.

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