What happened to Danvers’ son in True Detective? The Mystery of Holden Danvers

In its first four episodes, True Detective: Night Country just presents flashbacks in which Holden was seen playing with Jodie Foster’s Liz Danvers. The show doesn’t specify his relationship with her, yet the flashbacks make it clear that Holden was Liz’s child.

Season 4 drops its most memorable reference to Holden in episode 1 itself, where Liz rushes inside the Tsalal research office to switch off the sound system because The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout” helped her remember Holden.

What Does the Polar Bear Mean For Danvers In True Detective: Night Country?

In the first episode of True Detective: Night Country, Liz Danvers wakes up shaking from a bad dream to discover a stuffed polar bear toy next to her bed. While the meaning of the toy stays undisclosed at first, flashbacks all through the series uncover its powerful connection with Liz’s pain over her child, Holden.

The polar bear, when having a place with Holden, turns into an unmistakable image of their strong connection with one’s family.

Notwithstanding her doubt, Liz tracks down comfort in the toy as a sign of her child’s presence. Nonetheless, as the series continues, the image of the polar bear develops.

In episode 4, Liz experiences a genuine one-peered toward a polar bear while driving, suggesting an indication of her unconscious responsibility towards the mishap. The one-peered toward the bear reflects her serious insecurities in safeguarding her child.

What happened to Danvers’ son in True Detective?

Holden died in an accident involving his father, possibly a truck crash that Navarro witnessed. This explains why both Holden and Leah’s fathers died, as well as why Liz avoids focusing on a specific day. The sight of deceased friends and family in Ennis adds support to the theory of Holden’s death, as well as Liz’s emotional state.

What happened to Danvers' son in True Detective

While Holden and Leah’s father may be alive somewhere else, this is unlikely. The scene in Episode 1 featuring a child’s hand seeking Liz refers to Holden’s death. Liz, an Ennis resident, frequently sees deceased friends and family, indicating that Holden has passed away and is buried there.

Chief Ted Connelly’s mention of Liz being a decent cop before “the thing” with Holden gives reliability to the hypothesis.

Liz’s decline following Holden’s death resulted in her being transferred to Ennis due to her behavior, which validated Connelly’s expression.

Ultimately, his connection with Evangeline Navarro contributes to Holden’s death. Navarro’s vision of the accident site, as well as Holden’s presence, supports the mishap hypothesis. Liz’s leading to personal disturbance and damage add to the possibility of Holden’s death.

In general, the evidence strongly suggests that Holden has died, most likely as a result of an accident involving his father, which adds to Liz’s close connection to home and the mental fights depicted in the show.

How does Evangeline relate to Holden’s death?

In the third episode of the series, Navarro has a dream in the ice fields about a youngster dressed in a nightgown holding a polar bear toy. She seeks the child, slips, and hits her head, leading her to a truck accident scene.

In Episode 4, following her sister’s death, Navarro refuses Liz over the polar bear toy, leading to memories of her vision.

Liz justifies Navarro’s strange beliefs, insisting there are no ghosts or the afterlife. Liz tosses the toy away in disappointment, symbolizing her denial of Navarro’s attempts to find comfort in strangeness amid sadness.

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