What happened to Delilah Radio? A Symphony of Life’s Turbulence

Few names in radio resonate as well as Delilah Rene, a compelling personality, novelist, and songwriter. She is well-known for her widely syndicated radio show, “Delilah,” which has provided millions of listeners with musical accompaniment.

However, beneath the relaxing sounds and passionate dedications is a narrative as rich and complicated as the music she performs.

Delilah, born on February 15, 1960, in North Bend, Oregon, began her radio career at the juvenile age of 13. Winning a school speaking contest led to her first employment at KDUN, a local radio station. Little did she realize, this was the beginning of a symphony that would enthrall the airwaves for decades.

The Radio Show

The radio show, appropriately titled “Delilah,” begins its seductive notes at 7 p.m. and runs through the night, ending at midnight local time. Listeners’ voices mark this amazing voyage, as they share their memories and seek peace in the music skillfully chosen by Delilah.

Her programming, a delicate combination of adult contemporary, gold-based AC, Christmas music, and even a Christian music version, appeals to a wide demographic and resonates with listeners from January to Christmas.

Callers are an important part of Delilah’s show. Listeners relate their stories, and Delilah, like a musical sorceress, chooses songs to capture their feelings.

The “Friday Night Girls” part, a tribute to her female listeners, adds a nice touch to the weekly routine.

What happened to Delilah Radio
Delilah Rene

Delilah’s show has evolved over time and currently covers approximately 170 radio stations, including the Armed Forces Radio Network.

Since the show’s beginning, executive producer Jane Bulman has served as the master behind the scenes. Delilah’s path took her from Jones Radio Networks to Premiere Radio Networks in 2004, where she resides now.

What happened to Delilah Radio?

Delilah’s career came to a startling halt in October 2017, when she took a brief break following the terrible suicide of one of her children. This somber interlude highlighted the radio icon’s human side, which resonated with listeners who had sought solace in her compassionate tone.

In 2018, Delilah returned to the airwaves, bringing her warmth to Seattle’s KSWD, where she hosted noon shows and weekend syndicated programs. Despite personal problems, Delilah remained committed to her audience.

Delilah’s personal life, like a song, has ebbs and flows, adding another element to her narrative. Delilah, who was married four times and divorced three times, found peace in her family, raising 15 children, 11 of whom were adopted.

In 2012, tragedy struck when her 16-year-old son Sammy died from sickle-cell anemia complications. The somber tones continued in 2017 when her 18-year-old biological son Zachariah committed suicide. Ryan, her stepson, died in December 2019, adding to the melancholy.

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