What happened to Dewey from the Malcolm in the Middle? A Malcolm In The Middle Return Wouldn’t Be Right Without Dewey

Many of the beloved television programs of the past have found a whole new audience to delight thanks to the proliferation of excellent streaming services. While not every great show from the past has stood the test of time or is still beloved, many do seem to have an enduring quality that appeals to viewers of all ages.

Malcolm in the Middle is one such show. It first aired between 2000 and 2006 and was widely acclaimed during that time.

The show has now returned and is becoming increasingly popular with a new audience that is being introduced to the quirky family and the talented actors who played them for the first time, all thanks to platforms like Hulu and Prime Video.

The show produced some memorable performances and made stars of its main cast members, most notably Brian Cranston, who would go on to achieve remarkable success and acclaim with Breaking Bad.

However, back when Malcolm in the Middle was at its peak popularity, it was the youngest member of the cast who often won many fans over.

Erik Per Sullivan, who portrayed Dewey, the youngest of four brothers in the show, was well-known for his endearing demeanor, peculiarities, and gift as a young actor.

Despite this, not long after the show ended, he abruptly made his last acting appearance in 2010, and then seemingly disappeared from the acting world. Many people are curious about the fate of Erik Per Sullivan, the adorable child who captured everyone’s heart in Malcolm in the Middle, given the renewed interest in the show.

What happened to Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle?

Erik Per Sullivan has accepted very few acting roles since Malcolm in the Middle concluded, based on his IMDb page. In addition to providing the voices of a few characters in Luc Besson’s animated fantasy picture Arthur and the Invisibles, he also acted in the short film Once Not Far From Home.

What happened to Dewey from the Malcolm in the Middle
Dewey Malcolm

In addition, Sullivan portrayed the lead character in the 2007 film Mo, which followed a boy diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. Finally, Sullivan was featured in Joel Schumacher’s 2010 teen crime film Twelve in a supporting role as Timmy.

However, it appears that Erik Per Sullivan has given up acting and is leading a modest life away from the spotlight since he played the role of Dewey Malcolm in The Middle.

Not just Sullivan left the cast of Malcolm in the Middle soon after it concluded. After the sitcom ended, his co-star Justin Berfield, also took on a few more acting roles.

However, according to his IMDb page, he has since moved into more behind-the-scenes roles and is currently an executive producer on a few reality TV shows.

But while Berfield and the majority of the main cast participated in a charity virtual reunion of Malcolm in the Middle, Sullivan declined to participate, indicating that he has likely moved on from his acting career.

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