What happened to Dick and Dom? A look into their career

Get ready to step into the chaotic world of laughter, nostalgia, and a whole lot of mess, because the dynamic duo is back! Buckle up as we journey through the wild and wacky adventures of Dick and Dom.

From the broom cupboard to the creamy muck, they’ve been the masters of mayhem for two decades.

Now, join us for a trip down memory lane as they bring back the iconic moments, the messy games, and all the fun that made you shout ‘bogies’ louder than ever!

Get ready for the ultimate celebration as Dick and Dom hit the stage, proving that some things only get better with time. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to relive the laughter and embrace the chaos—Dick and Dom are in the house!

What happened to Dick and Dom
Dick and Dom

Who are Dick and Dom?

Dick and Dom, originally Richard and Dominic, are a British comedy double act consisting of the presenters Richard “Dick” McCourt and Dominic “Dom” Wood.

They are principally known for introducing ‘the broom cupboard’ show on Children’s BBC during the 1990s and mid-2000s, prior to moving onto the twofold BAFTA Award-winning Dick and Dom in da Bungalow, a kids’ entertainment show that was communicated in real-time during end-of-week mornings on BBC One, CBBC, and later BBC Two.

From 2002 to 2006, there were five series of the program. The pair has been spinning records at UK university students’ unions since 2005. These days, they DJ at every big festival.

Dick vs. Dom, also known as ‘Dick and Dom LIVE, was a live 60-minute gameshow that involved the whole audience.

What happened to Dick and Dom?

CBBC icons Dick and Dom are about to make a huge comeback, 17 years after their legendary show. The well-known duo is returning to their beloved program, Da Bungalow.

Yet, it won’t be on TV. The most well-known roles for comedians Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood are as hosts of the well-liked BBC kids’ television shows.

Six kids who competed for points in a series of goofy and messy games joined them in each episode. Da Bungalow’s Dick and Dom debuted in 2002 and ran for five seasons.

Fans still adore the pair, who took home two BAFTAs for the series. Both Dom and Dick, who are now 45 years old, gained notoriety in the 2000s for the game “bogies,” which went viral.

Players would alternately yell “bogies” in public spaces until someone became too ashamed to say anything more.

Even though the witty pair and the original fans are much older now, they are still celebrating the show’s 20th anniversary. Dick and Dom are touring the UK with the show in an attempt to bring it back.

They will travel to stages across the UK, including Glasgow, Cardiff, London, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Newcastle, bringing back memorable moments from the show.

The audience gets covered in gunk during the Creamy Muck Muck segment, which fans can anticipate. In addition, there will be games like the grunty song, musical statues, and the two-word tango.

The friends were drum ‘n’ bass DJs on university and festival circuits prior to the pandemic. Their final appearance on television came in 2009 when they hosted the quiz show Are You Smarter Than a Ten-Year-Old on Sky One.

Over the years, they have also appeared as guests on a number of reality shows, such as Celebrity Come Dine With Me and MasterChef in 2013.

Are Dick and Dom dating someone?

Yes, away from the world of TV, Dick and Dom are both in long-term relationships with partners who have enjoyed successful careers in showbiz.

Katrina Bryan, who has portrayed Dawn Taylor’s social worker, Eloise, is engaged to Dick. In Taggart, Sea of Souls, and Nina and the Neurons, Katrina has also made appearances.

The couple invited their most memorable baby in a declaration on Instagram.

Since 2005, Dom and Sandi Lee Hughes have been wed. The couple has two sons together, and the pop star was a member of the band allSTARS.

Dick and Dom have hosted several shows since the conclusion of In Da Bungalow. They assert, though, that they were stereotyped from their legendary program.

They are now hoping to make a show for adults based on their hit podcast, Cash From Chaos.

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