What happened to DiNozzo on NCIS? The Reason Tony DiNozzo and Michael Weatherly Left NCIS

DiNozzo wasn’t always a particularly likeable character, but for NCIS’s lengthy run, he proved to be a skilled professional and a growing man. DiNozzo expanded particularly close to Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), another agent, to the point that they went from being business colleagues to personal ones. Unfortunately for viewers, Weatherly’s time on NCIS ended abruptly with the 13th season in 2015.

Even with a role as important as Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo on NCIS, cast changes are inevitable in a series that runs for a long time. By the time Weatherly left NCIS following season 13, fans had grown to love DiNozzo and Ziva together, but they had broken up because Ziva had already left the show.

The breakup of Tony and Ziva’s chemistry was one of the reasons Weatherly decided DiNozzo should quit the series. Weatherly didn’t enjoy the two characters’ on-screen relationship. or collaboration with De Pablo. Beyond that, Weatherly was itching to work on other projects because, after 13 years, he was becoming a little tired of performing his NCIS part. Weatherly compared the sense of having made the decision (via TV Insider) to staying at a party for too long.

What happened to DiNozzo on NCIS?

Tony DiNozzo left NCIS to help raise his daughter after learning that he and Ziva had a child together. Though NCIS fans adored DiNozzo, Michael Weatherly has not been idle since leaving the show, so it is difficult to judge his departure too harshly. Regarding those From the outside looking in, it could be difficult to understand someone who, like Mark Harmon before NCIS season 19, is tired of being the lead in a popular television programme.

What happened to DiNozzo on NCIS
Tony DiNozzo

However, Weatherly is not the first actor—and certainly not the last—to get tired of portraying the same role throughout an extensive franchise. But it was clear that Weatherly was serious about trying something different because he left to play the lead in the popular legal drama Bull on CBS very soon after.

What show is Weatherly a part of now?

After six seasons, Bull came to an end, and as of right now, it’s unknown what Weatherly has planned for his next big project. Of course, a lot of NCIS viewers would be thrilled to see Weatherly return to the programme as Tony DiNozzo, if only in a cameo capacity. The door is ajar if he chooses to do so because, canonically, “Tiva” is still married, resides in Paris with their daughter, and made her NCIS comeback in season 17. Given his demanding schedule as Bull’s star, it’s likely that Weatherly will take a little break before returning to the NCIS universe.

Is Weatherly expected to make a comeback to the world of NCIS?

Steven D. Binder, the showrunner of NCIS, would love to see Tony DiNozzo return. Many NCIS viewers are hopeful that Michael Weatherly may return to the programme now that Bull has concluded; showrunner Steven D. Binder would undoubtedly approve. Although the actor has not yet commented on the topic, showrunner Binder has stated in remarks that he would be overjoyed to see DiNozzo return.

While praising the actor in an interview with TVLine, Binder speculated that he would be enjoying a well-earned break following his success on Bull.

In response to the question of whether Michael Weatherly will rejoin NCIS, Binder stated, “Isn’t that fantastic? I was told by Michael that he would never work on network television again after leaving NCIS. The hours are so long, and he recently had some kids. But after this bull thing fell into his lap, he was once again working like a madman. For the moment, ignoring Tony DiNozzo, I thus think that Michael Weatherly is on vacation.”

Thus, even though this isn’t a definitive indication that Weatherly will make a comeback, it’s encouraging that NCIS showrunner Seven D. Binder is upbeat about the prospect.

Tony DiNozzo’s comeback would always depend on the actor’s and the studio’s support. If Binder’s remarks are any indication, the CBS side of the equation is excited about the potential, which is a relief to many fans.

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