What happened to Drake on KDWB? A look into his life

In the vibrant heart of the Twin Cities airwaves, where beats collide with the pulse of daily lives, a young voice carved out a niche that echoed through the headphones and speakers of a dedicated following.

Drake Webb, a name synonymous with laughter, raw honesty, and the kind of charisma that can’t be taught, found his rhythm on KDWB’s “The Dave Ryan Show.”.

Yet, as the landscape of radio shifts beneath the feet of giants and newcomers alike, Drake’s journey takes a turn that has listeners leaning in closer, eager to catch every detail of this unexpected chapter.

Join us as we look into the story of Drake Webb, exploring the beats of his life and the silence of his story on KDWB.

Who is Drake?

Drake is the youngest cast member of the Dave Ryan Show, having only turned 23. He was not even born when Friends came out, in actuality!

Drake is always broke, but he finds a way to buy an electric skateboard, an Oculus Quest, and enough cash to buy a round of shots at the bar. He gets his energy during the day from Taco Bell, and TikTok, and shares thirst traps online.

At night, he hopes to find a sugar daddy to help him pay his rent while live streaming on Twitch and continuing to post lust traps. There have been notable comparisons made between his voice and Chris Griffin’s from Family Guy.

You will laugh at his hot takes and innocent demeanor, and you will fall in love with him instantly because of his vulnerability and large heart.

What happened to Drake on KDWB?

Drake Webb has resigned from his position as co-host of “The Dave Ryan Show” on 101.3 KDWB. This news coincides with iHeartMedia’s parent company reportedly making more talent cuts.

Webb, who started hosting the popular morning show on KDWB in November 2021, posted a notice of his resignation on his Instagram page.

What happened to Drake on KDWB
Drake Webb

Webb’s exit was one of several talent cuts at iHeart stations around the nation, according to Radio Insight.

KDWB and “The Dave Ryan Show,” which saw another co-host, Falen Bonsett, relocate to KDWB afternoons last August with DJ Zach Dillon, will likely continue to experience upheaval.

Then, after longtime Twin Cities DJ Brian Oake was abruptly fired last month, Dillon switched to the afternoon slot at sister station Cities 97.1. Colt Parkey took over as Dillon’s replacement and now co-hosts with Bonsett.

He also mentioned that he would be streaming on Twitch and creating frequent posts on YouTube and TikTok.

Drake Webb is leaving his position as producer and co-host of CHR 101.3 KDWB Richfield/Minneapolis, MN’s Dave Ryan Show, as part of iHeartMedia’s ongoing reorganization.

After working as the evening host and social media manager for Woodward Communications CHR “95.9 Kiss-FM” WKSZ Green Bay WI, Webb joined the Dave Ryan Show in November of 2021.

Webb, who is only 23 years old, said in an Instagram video that he wants to concentrate on his Twitch and YouTube streaming.

After Falen Bonsett switched to afternoon shows in August of last year, Webb’s resignation leaves the Dave Ryan Show with just Ryan and Jenny Luttenberger.

What is KDWB about?

With a license to the Richfield suburb, KDWB-FM (101.3 MHz) is an American commercial radio station that transmits in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

iHeartMedia owns the station, which broadcasts in the Top 40/CHR radio format. KDWB has a 100,000-watt effective radiated power (ERP). The KMSP tower in Shoreview is the broadcast location for KDWB’s transmitter.

KDWB operates an auxiliary transmitter at the IDS Center in downtown Minneapolis, which has an effective radiated power (ERP) of 32,540 watts. St. Louis Park is home to the studios.

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