What Happened to Erik Elken?

Meet Erik Elken, the esteemed journalist and anchor gracing ABC 7 News with his expertise and dedication. Since joining the network in 2018, Elken has become a trusted face delivering crucial updates to viewers during prime evening hours. Known for his commitment to truthful and comprehensive reporting. Read the below article to know what happened to him.

Who is Erik Elken?

Erik Elken is a veteran American journalist known as the prime face of the weekday nightly news aired on Channel 7 at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. Since his joining ABC 7 News in September 2018, Elken has built a reputation synonymous with his commitment to passing the local news to the audience.

As someone who has been in this line of work for years, he is known as an asset that doesn’t let you down. With each report, his followers start to trust and appreciate him.

As an evening anchor, Erik Elken exercises his role in keeping the national audience informed especially during prime-time hours providing most U.S. homes and families with informative content and news coverage.

His focus extends beyond showing the current snapshots, as he competently selects and supplies the news in a professional and truthful manner.

Together with co-anchor Stephanie Valle of the newscast, Elken ensures the news delivery is continual and comprehensive coverage that covers local issues as well as global developments.

What Happened to Erik Elken
Erik Elken

Besides his anchoring duties, Erik Elken acts as a field reporter too, therefore, he steps over studio participation limits and directly gives unfreezing information from the scene and provides various views. By having this hands-on approach, it contributes more to the story’s width and actualness.

This concept will make KVIA news more authentic and reliable confirming the journalism principles of truthful nature and objectiveness.

What Happened to Erik Elken?

Erik Elken who stood out as a respected anchor and investigative reporter at the time, made this change a prominent step in his career. With his background in ABC 22/FOX 45 TV in Ohio, Elken embraced a new opportunity to continue his work in Channel 7-KVIA in El Paso, Texas.

Estela Casas taking over from she was preparing to welcome her fresh co-anchor was one in a series of events that botched up things at KVIA.

Planned to begin the role of the anchor on air on October 1st, Erik Elken was to become part of the backbone of the 5-, 6-, and 10 p.m. Daily newscasts next from Monday to Friday. This transition was much more than just a change of environment; it signified decisive progress in Elken’s career trajectory making him the co-anchor who sits alongside Estela Casas who is a seasoned professional in the broadcast industry.

This transit to Texas for Elken was the beginning of a new ending that was full of endless options. It was a great opportunity for him to show his expertise and love for journalism to the new audience while the station was consistently reaching toward its commitment to providing good news to El Paso.

Given the fact that Elken was already an expert in anchoring and reporting, he was well-versed to be delegated to the position of KVIA’s anchor, thus guaranteeing that the station’s daily news programs would still have the same quality of information, factuality, insightfulness, and high engagement levels.

Elken, being very passionate about the community, and being able to take part in these new responsibilities, expressed his willingness to grow in this field and to be a more active part of the El Paso community.

Is Erik Elken still on ABC 7 News?

Elkin Elken went on to be a major bullet of the ABC 7 News, while at the same time serving as the weeknight anchor for KVIA’s primary news bulletins of 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm. Elken’s persistence and spirit in serving succinct news reports to the El Paso members every evening has become his identity brand.

Elken all along his co-anchor Stephanie Valle has been at the forefront of issues that require input from viewers. Despite the array of issues that need to be covered, the viewers have been adequately informed about local and global events.

Not only is he an anchor, but his role in the news goes beyond that, and he practically goes to places as a field reporter even, to acquire on-the-place details and perspectives.

Ensuring the proximity between the reporters and the area of interest makes the news more relevant and appealing to the local residents of the community watched by KVIA.

Ever since his appointment with ABC 7 News in September 2018, Elkin has impressed his fans with the continuous pursuit and espousal of fundamental journalistic principles such as accuracy, fairness, and the pursuit of the truth.

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