What happened to Erin Como Fox 5? Farewell to Rush Hour

One famous personality has decided to wave adieu to the early commute mayhem in the ever-spinning world of morning programs, where alarm clocks ring louder than celebrity scandals.

Erin Como, Fox 5’s traffic anchor extraordinaire, announced her retirement from the morning show after an eight-year run. Buckle up, because we’re about to take a humorous trip down Erin Como’s Fox 5 memory lane.

The Announcement – No Longer an Early Riser

In the classic spirit of modern farewells, Erin announced the news with the casual elegance of an Instagram post, rather than a press release or a prim and polite statement.

On October 29, 2023, she appeared on our social media feeds with a caption that could make even the toughest morning commuter cry: “It’s been a great ride covering your morning commute around the DMV for the past 8 years.” The nostalgia of brake lights and rush hour music.

What happened to Erin Como Fox 5
Erin Como

But don’t worry, Fox 5 fans: Erin has told us that she will not abandon the station. “The time has come for me to ditch the early alarm clock and shift my career focus,” she said with the ease of a seasoned anchor. We can almost hear a collective sigh of relief from our non-morning neighbors.

The Morning Maestro, Erin Como

Erin, who was born on January 31, 1984, in bucolic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, did not wake up one day and decided to lead commuters through the maze of D.C. traffic. She graduated from Temple University in 2006 with a double concentration in broadcast journalism and English, and she entered the world of morning news in 2015, bringing her wit and charm to Fox 5’s Morning and Good Day DC teams.

Her job as a traffic anchor and reporter entailed more than merely reading about road closures and delays.

Erin brought personality to her broadcasts, transforming routine traffic updates into entertaining portions. Erin would have a bookcase full of golden traffic cones if traffic reports could win prizes.

What happened to Erin Como Fox 5?

Erin Como bid farewell to Fox 5’s morning show after eight years, leaving the early commute chaos behind. She remains with Fox 5, continuing on shows like LION Lunch Hour and Good Day DC, ensuring her presence beyond the rush hour madness.

Erin Como skipped the early mornings and said goodbye to the traffic, but don’t worry, she’s still sailing with the Fox 5 crew. Let’s toast a glass of coffee (or whatever beverage gets you through the day) to Erin, the woman who made rush hour feel like a casual drive with a buddy. Erin Como, farewell, and may your future endeavors be as smooth as a well-kept highway.

Just when you thought the morning show landscape was about to lose one of its brightest lights, Erin delivered the unexpected plot twist. “I’m so happy to stay with my amazing Fox 5 family!” she proclaimed. Erin will continue to appear on series like LION Lunch Hour and Good Day DC, so fans may breathe a sigh of relief. The world may have changed, but Fox 5’s morning ritual hasn’t.

As Erin Como leaves the daily grind of morning patrol, her legacy lives on in the memories of viewers who have walked the streets of Washington, D.C. alongside her. The echo of her clever banter and dependable traffic updates will reverberate across the airwaves, demonstrating the effect of a traffic anchor who made mornings more tolerable.

Here you go for the recent Instagram post of Erin Como where she confirms her presence on Fox 5:

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