What happened to Gandhi on Z100? Fighting Uncertain Health Issues

Listeners to the Elvis Duran Show must know Medha Gandhi on Z100. Medha Gandhi is popularly known as Gandhi and for quite a long time, her listeners were missing her. For the longest time, they were hidden from Gandhi’s whereabouts. Listeners missed one of their favorite hosts for a long time.

However, Gandhi is finally back on the show, along with the details about her absence.

Gandhi’s Beginning with Z100

In 2018, Medha Gandhi joined the Z100. She joined the show “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” along with the veteran radio host of New York City, Elvis Duran. It’s been over 20 years since the show became a part of the community’s daily activities.

The show has reached more than 10 million listeners. After Gandhi’s joining, the show reached its zenith, grabbing the listeners’ attention.

Gandhi’s Return on Elvis Duran Show

Listeners of the Elvis Duran Show finally sighed a breath of relief as their favorite host, Medha Gandhi, joined back. Her absence for a few weeks led her fans to ask questions about her absence and wonder if she was fine or not.

However, before Gandhi returned to the show, she provided an update about what happened to her and the reason behind her absence.

What happened to Gandhi on Z100?

Medha Gandhi was absent from  Z100 because she had a kidney infection along with kidney stones. Due to this, she was in the hospital for a very long time and couldn’t entertain her listeners.

Once she returned to the show, she revealed that her kidney infection had been surgically drained twice and that she had developed a hefty amount of kidney stones.

What happened to Gandhi on Z100
Medha Gandhi

Uncertainty of Gandhi’s Health Issues

Even after staying in the hospital for almost two weeks, her underlying health issues could not be diagnosed. Also, she stayed in the hospital for so long because of the uncertainty of her health issues and she wanted to be sure before stepping out of the hospital.

Later on, she did find out about her kidney infection and kidney stones. She even mentioned that one of the stones was still there in her kidney.

“On top of that, we had appendicitis, severe dehydration, and then pneumonia started to show up,” Gandhi revealed. These health issues were connected to all the other health problems she was facing during that time.

Eventually, these issues affected her in different areas of her body, leading to an effect on her heart. Considering it was her heart, she had consultations with different doctors about why her heart was beating weirdly. These symptoms made even doctors perplexed about her problem.

Continuation with Work

Even though the main reason behind her condition remains uncertain, she is satisfied with the treatment she has been provided and has returned to work.

Doctors are not sure about her health issue but they have kept her alive, which is what matters to Gandhi and that makes her satisfied with the doctors’ performances. A pick line was also installed in her arm that was connected to her heart so that the medicine could be injected.

After she returned to ‘The Elvis Duran Show,’ she thanked all the people out there supporting her and waited for her. She also thanked the doctors and staff members of Hackensack Meridian Hospital, who diligently took care of her throughout her entire treatment.

Although Gandhi is still not fully recovered, she is back on the show, and things are getting better. As she is facing such a huge battle, she might need to take frequent breaks from her work, but listeners do not have to worry as she is no less than a warrior and will return after winning over her health issues.

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