What happened to Giovanni in Strictly? Reveals a Dance Project and Reflects on Life Beyond Strictly

Giovanni Pernice, a familiar face from Strictly Come Dancing, showcased resilience over the weekend, maintaining a positive demeanor as he engaged in teaching dance.

While his co-star grapples with heartbreak, Giovanni takes to sharing his passion beyond the ballroom, launching a new project alongside fellow dancer Pasquale La Rocca.

Expanding the Dance Experience

Giovanni and Pasquale expressed their delight at the overwhelming response from fans eager to dance with them.

Responding to numerous requests for more locations, they officially announced “BALLANDO ON TOUR!” The dance enthusiasts can look forward to classes on the road, featuring the theme “Let Me Entertain You.”

The tour is set to cover cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham, spanning from late January to early May.

What happened to Giovanni in Strictly
Giovanni Pernice

A Glimpse into Ballando’s Journey

In a recent Instagram post from Ballando, Giovanni was captured beaming with joy, reflecting the enthusiasm he brings to the world of dance.

The post acknowledged the three-year milestone since Giovanni invited enthusiasts to learn to dance with him during lockdown. The caption celebrated the journey, emphasizing the growth of their dance family.

Giovanni Pernice’s venture into Ballando unfolds against the backdrop of turbulence on the Strictly Come Dancing front.

Reports indicate that Giovanni’s co-star is currently experiencing heartbreak, counting down the days until they reunite on the stage.

What happened to Giovanni in Strictly?

Giovanni Pernice, a Strictly Come Dancing professional, continues to spread dance joy with projects like Ballando and the upcoming Let Me Entertain You tour amid reports of his co-star facing heartbreak.

The Let Me Entertain You tour signifies Giovanni’s solo journey, bringing dance enthusiasts a captivating spectacle. With a repertoire of performances that promise to entertain and enthrall, Giovanni’s tour is a testament to his artistry and dedication to the world of dance.

The Ballando venture encapsulates Giovanni Pernice and Pasquale La Rocca’s shared vision to make dance accessible to enthusiasts across various locations.

Their commitment to taking dance on the road reflects a dedication to fostering a sense of community and shared joy through movement.

Venturing into New Horizons

Before the year’s end, Giovanni confirmed an exciting collaboration with Pasquale La Rocca, extending their dance class project into a full-fledged venture named “Ballando.”

The duo, known for their joint dance classes, decided to take their skills on the road, spreading the joy of dance to various locations.

Giovanni’s Countdown to Solo Tour

As Giovanni radiates positivity with Ballando, he is simultaneously counting down the days until he embarks on his most significant solo tour to date.

The Let Me Entertain You tour, commencing on January 18 in Hayes at the Beck Theatre, promises a spectacular showcase of dance.

Giovanni’s ensemble cast, along with his ‘leading lady’ Lauren Oakley, is gearing up for an unforgettable journey.

Lauren Oakley’s Resilience Amidst Personal Loss

Lauren Oakley, Giovanni’s dance partner and a significant part of the upcoming tour, recently faced a personal loss as she bid farewell to her grandmother, her self-proclaimed ‘biggest fan.’

Despite this heartbreaking setback, Lauren is channeling her energy into preparations for the Let Me Entertain You tour.

Giovanni’s Dance Classes and Countdown

Giovanni’s commitment to spreading the joy of dance goes beyond performances, extending to the dance classes that have become a hallmark of his career.

As the countdown to the solo tour continues, Giovanni is not only a beacon of dance prowess but also a symbol of resilience and passion amidst personal and professional challenges.

Giovanni Pernice’s Dance Odyssey

Amidst the storms within the Strictly Come Dancing realm, Giovanni Pernice emerges as a beacon of joy, spreading the love of dance through dual ventures.

The Ballando project amplifies the accessibility of dance classes, while the Let Me Entertain You tour promises audiences an unforgettable experience.

Giovanni’s journey, marked by passion and resilience, continues to inspire dance enthusiasts worldwide.

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