What happened to Hollie Strano on Channel 3 News? Ohio Meteorologist Was Arrested

Many people in Ohio are probably familiar with Hollie Strano, the on-air meteorologist for WKYC TV, although she was recently in the headlines for reasons unrelated to her work.

In addition, Hollie has not been in any recent WKYC broadcasts, given the recent controversy she was a part of. With three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system, Hollie Strano smashed her car into a utility pole while being pursued by a police officer. Although Hollie’s future at WKYC is uncertain, her decision to be so careless has been criticized by fans.

What happened to Hollie Strano?

Hollie was taken into custody after she ran her car into a utility pole under the influence.

A lot of people watched to find out why Hollie was detained and if she made any kind of remark regarding the accusations made against her.

What happened to Hollie Strano on Channel 3 News
Hollie Strano

Hollie was accused of operating a car while intoxicated, or OVI. She was arrested on Thanksgiving after crashing her vehicle on Akron Peninsula Road.

How did the events of the night unfold?

The Cuyahoga Falls Police Department reports that at around 7:30 p.m. on November 23, they received a tip regarding a possible drunk driver.

When they arrived, they discovered Hollie driving a 2023 Cadillac XT5 SUV outside of its lane. She started driving towards the Akron border, reaching speeds of up to 70 mph in a 35 mph zone, according to an officer who started to follow her.

Following the collision, dashcam footage was made public, showing Hollie’s car progressively slipping into the other lane before sharply swerving to the right, off the road, and straight into a utility pole.

Hollie had a blood alcohol content of 0.244 percent, more than three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent, according to the police.

Hollie received the necessary medical care and was released into a third party’s custody. Her arraignment was set for Nov. 30, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. in the Mayor’s Court of Cuyahoga Falls.

Although Hollie has not yet made a statement regarding the incident, it appears that nobody was harmed, not even herself. It’s unclear what kind of penalty she would end up with for the offense.

What are Hollie’s prospects at WKYC?

Apart from the criminal penalty, it is unclear if Hollie will be allowed to stay on staff at WKYC in the future. WKYC Studios’ general manager, Micki Byrnes, stated, “We will not be commenting at this time as this is a personnel matter.”

Hence, it appears that the station will decide internally before making any public announcements.

How did the viewers of the show react to this accident?

Strong feelings regarding the announcement were evident among WKYC viewers, as evidenced by the comments they left on Hollie’s Instagram.

Some people sent their condolences and offered prayers, but the majority expressed how unsettling it was for a well-known person like Hollie to decide to drive recklessly when under the influence of alcohol.

We will have to wait for the penalty announcement from the court and a formal statement from WKYC Studios to learn of Hollie’s future on the show.

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