What happened to Jack on Station 19? Worries Work Up for Jack and His Fate

The finale episodes of every series and season leave their audiences worried. It always creates curiosity and a question about what will happen next. Well, this strategy of showmakers works well, as fans can’t wait to know the outcomes of the finale episodes, and with each passing day, their curiosity makes them eager to watch the series.

The same thing has happened with Station 19. In its final episode of Season 6, the show left its audience on a cliffhanger, leaving them wondering about Jack Gibson’s fate.

Season 6 Finale Left Fans in Worry

The season 6 finale of Station 19 was horrifying for fans. They didn’t expect such an ending and they were left to wonder what happened to Jack as he was hit with several injuries.

His head was hit and it seemed like it was the final call for the character. But it couldn’t be determined because the season ended with a mystery around which audiences’ speculations revolved.

Jack is an all-time favorite character of the series and losing him would have been traumatizing for his fans. But did he survive or did destiny have cruel plans for him? Season 7 brought the answer to the audience’s questions and a new level of excitement amongst fans.

What happened to Jack on Station 19?

Jack is alive on Station 19. After he hit his head, he underwent surgery and he is fine now. But the surgery came with a twist. Well, the surgery was fine and successful, as Amelia informed everyone.

However, the bad news is that Jack might not be able to work as a firefighter anymore because his motor skills are damaged due to the injuries.

What happened to Jack on Station 19

Amelia did the Surgery

The Season 7 premiere was a rollercoaster of emotions, as the opening scene portrayed Jack’s injuries and how serious he was.

The episode starts with Jack’s point of view and his delusions of being in the middle of a burned-up building and suddenly listening to music. It turns out that this music came from the OR because Amelia was performing surgery on Jack’s brain. Jack’s injuries to the head were serious and required time to heal.

The surgery went successfully, and there seemed to be no worries. Amelia didn’t leave Jack’s skull open, which was a good sign and Ben was happy about it too. It showed that there was nothing to worry about, as Amelia felt there was no swelling in the brain and there wouldn’t be any need for surgery.

Worries Worked Up as Jack’s Condition was Serious

The episode showed how worried everyone was for Jack and they couldn’t leave him in that condition. The day in the hospital was spent worrying and hoping that Jack could pull through the difficult times, recover, and come back to life at its fullest.

However, Vic and Theo had to take a leave as their issues were getting hard to deal with and they couldn’t let their already tense surroundings work up because of them.

Andy, Maya, and Ben stayed in the hospital, hopeful for Jack to regain consciousness and feel better. Meanwhile, Sullivan and Natasha were in the hospital as Natasha broke her leg and struggled to save her job.

Marsha’s Anger and Amelia’s Bad News

In the already tense environment, Marsha makes her visit to the hospital and can be seen angry at everyone because nobody informed her about the serious situation going on with Jack.

She claimed that she has more rights than anyone outside of the firehouse as she is more of a family. This scene made the worries even more intense and fans were left wondering if Jack would wake up.

Meanwhile, Amelia came up with the bad news that Jack might not be able to use his motor skills, which means he will have to leave his job as a firefighter.

The scan reports show that his past traumatic brain injuries have left a scar and due to that, he couldn’t be cleared as a firefighter. At the end of the episode, Jack wakes up and now he waits for the bad news.

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