What happened to Jimmy on Chicago Fire? Is he coming back to the Chicago Fire?

Jimmy Borrelli met a tragic end on ‘Chicago Fire’ after a severe accident resulted in severe burns and loss of vision in his left eye. His departure hasn’t been revisited, leaving his return uncertain.

Jimmy Borrelli (Steven R. McQueen) was memorable when he stepped into Firehouse 51. That is precisely what Chicago Fire offers. It centers on a team of rescue squad members, paramedics, and firefighters who are prepared to risk their lives to save victims in need.

Since its launch in 2012, Chicago Fire has illuminated some of the most emotionally charged and stressful work environments ever. It took some time for the humiliation of that initial impression to fade after his firefighter brother gagged and tied him up during his season 4 premiere, “Let It Burn.”

Borrelli establishes himself as a dependable, if romantic, member of the 51 squad over time. He has flings with several other members, and his reluctance to follow transfer orders puts him at odds with Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) for a brief time.

With all this in mind, you may be wondering what happened to Borrelli and why he’s no longer a featured player on the Chicago Fire. Here’s a rundown of the character’s fate.

What happened to Jimmy on Chicago Fire?

Borrelli’s career as a firefighter abruptly ended in the fifth season episode “A Real Wake-Up Call.” At the time, the character was still at odds with Chief Boden, and their rivalry caused him to answer a distress call in a way that almost killed him.

What happened to Jimmy on Chicago Fire
Jimmy Borrelli

When Boden orders all firefighters to stay away from the wreckage after a multi-vehicle collision, Borrelli disobeys the order and gets caught in the ensuing explosion. All units have been called to the scene.

The explosion leaves him severely burned, and although he survives, he does lose vision in his left eye. Borrelli is forced to retire early due to the injury.

Chicago Fire producer Michael Brandt revealed in a 2016 interview with TV Line that the character and Boden were always going to have conflict. The reason behind Jimmy’s character, he explained, was that he felt compelled to defend his beliefs, and Boden also needed to do the same, and the two could not coexist.

Borrelli has not appeared on the show since getting hurt in season five. Although there have not been any official attempts to get him back for a guest spot, that does not mean that a future return is impossible.

“On a show, you can never burn bridges too badly to not salvage them in terms of character,” Brandt continued.

The actor who plays Borrelli, Steven R. McQueen, has not been hurting for work. He appeared in several popular TV shows, including Legacies and Medal of Honor, as well as the 2020 TV film The Warrant.

Fans of the Chicago Fire are already furiously disappointed that Jimmy will not be returning.

“You will truly be missed, good sir,” one of his fans wrote in his tweet. You added a great deal of brightness to the cast and this show. May the fortunes of the future be upon you.”

On the same token, someone else wrote, “Jimmy, you are a gem, and we’re so lucky to have had you on the show for the time we did. You became a fandom hit right away, and you gave us all something to latch onto. We’re grateful for you and your craft.

What comes next for Jimmy after he leaves “Chicago Fire”?

Is it possible that Jimmy may make an appearance in flashback scenes in upcoming episodes of Chicago Fire? As of now, it’s unclear if that could be a possibility.

According to Jimmy’s Instagram feed, his most recent posts have all been about his personal life or time on the Chicago Fire.

He has not made any mention of any potential side projects. Jimmy’s fans will be thrilled to learn about the film or television program he takes on next.

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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