What happened to Jimmy’s wife on NCIS? The Death was Out of the Blue

NCIS has been one of the longest-running shows on television. Over time, fans had to witness many losses in the series. They had to witness their favorite characters’ deaths. Every death in the show left fans devastated and it was hard to accept the reality of the series.

However, the most shocking death was that of Jimmy’s wife, Breena. Well, nobody expected her death in the series.

The audience didn’t even get to see the last moments of Breena’s death. They were even deprived of the reason behind Breena’s sudden death.

Jimmy and Breena’s Relationship

The profession plays an important role in any relationship. If you have the same profession as your spouse, the chances of compatibility are higher. The same goes with Jimmy and his wife, Breena.

Jimmy Palmer used to see dead people. No, don’t mistake it with paranormal activities expert. He was the Chief Medical Examiner on NCIS, which is why he dealt with dead bodies or, you may say, dead people.

Well, he not only dealt with dead people but sometimes even talked to them. It does seem weird but c’mon, it’s part of the job and it helps him do well in his job.

Then you see Breena, who is a mortician. She worked with her family in her family’s funeral home. Both Jimmy and Breena dealt with dead people, and both of them understood the need to pay respect to the dead.

They met in Season 7 and their work and understanding brought them close and they eventually ended up marrying each other.

However, their married life came to an unexpected full stop when suddenly Breena died. And since then, fans have been wondering what happened to Jimmy’s wife on NCIS.

What happened to Jimmy’s wife on NCIS?

Jimmy’s wife died on NCIS due to COVID-19. During the pandemic era, many TV shows opted for the storyline of the coronavirus and took their shows to another level. And so did NCIS. They chose to show Breena dead because of the coronavirus, and that was too off-screen.

Viewers of the show were shocked by the sudden announcement of Jimmy’s wife’s death and kept wondering what happened to her.

What happened to Jimmy's wife on NCIS
Jimmy’s wife

Reasons Behind Such a Drastic Step

In NCIS, audiences can see people taking precautions for COVID-19; that’s why they never expected Breena’s death. Fans were unsettled by the death of Breena and wanted to know what happened and why they made such a huge decision.

Brian revealed to ET in an interview why the makers of NCIS chose to portray such a difficult situation and that too with Jimmy and Breena.

Brain said, “The producers let me know that we want the advent of COVID to hit our team and yet, we don’t want to lose a team member.” Brian dug deeper into the insight and revealed why the makers chose Jimmy and Breena for this.

He elaborated that Jimmy was an optimist; that’s why the makers felt Jimmy would be the best for portraying such a devastating and life-turning incident.

After giving thought to the idea, Brian also felt that Jimmy would be the correct choice and it will be interesting to watch how Jimmy deals with this tragedy.

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