What Happened To Joe Madison? Remembering A Radio Icon’s Legacy

Joe Madison, the charming and impassioned presenter of “The Black Eagle,” has made a lasting impression on radio listeners. Joe was born on June 16, 1949, in Dayton, Ohio. His path from being the youngest executive director of the NAACP’s Detroit chapter at the age of 24 to his renowned radio career exemplified his steadfast devotion to human and civil rights.

Joe Madison’s radio career took off in 2008, when he joined SiriusXM and became the mesmerizing voice of “The Black Eagle.” His program was more than simply a forum for political debate, it was a combat against injustice, where he boldly urged action, asking his audience, “What are we going to do about it?”

Aside from his broadcasting expertise, Joe was a persistent human and civil rights crusader. In 2021, he went on a 73-day hunger strike to fight for the adoption of voting rights legislation, demonstrating his commitment to the issues he supported.

Joe continued to fight for justice even while battling prostate cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2009. He freely discussed his health issues to inspire men to prioritize their well-being.

What Happened To Joe Madison
Joe Madison

What Happened To Joe Madison?

On January 31, 2024, the world said goodbye to Joe Madison, who died peacefully at the age of 74 following a resumed struggle with cancer. Sherry Madison, Joe’s wife, shared the news with their four children—Michelle, Shawna, Jason, and Monesha—who issued an emotional family statement announcing his departure.

In their statement, the family thanked everyone for their support and underscored Joe’s lifetime commitment to fighting for the undervalued and disenfranchised.

Despite their loss, they encouraged everyone to continue fighting injustice, mirroring Joe’s unrelenting determination to make a difference.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris joined the country in mourning the death of a broadcasting legend. In a tweet, Biden praised Joe Madison as the “voice of a generation” and recognized his significant hunger strike for voting rights.

Harris, recognizing Joe’s platform and purpose alignment, sent prayers to Sherry and the children, highlighting the timeless significance of Joe’s inquiry, “What are you going to do about it?”

As we reflect on Joe Madison’s life, his legacy serves as a call to action for everyone to continue fighting for justice.

While we grieve the untimely passing of a radio great, his words and actions will definitely be remembered for centuries to come, encouraging us to answer the critical questions he raised throughout his career.

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