What happened to Joyce in My 600 LB Life?

Joyce’s journey through the misty past and her burdened weight of secrets had paved and made a way to the point that the spotlight of “My 600 LB Life” was shining on her, leaving the viewers fascinated by the mystified path she chose.

Indeed, the unsolvable riddles and whispered rumors about the events that have never been clarified after all these years are hidden behind the golden frames covered with dust from miles and miles.

At the last hang of the curtain, the muted shout of Joyce’s unresolved tale continues to echo around as the beauty of its enigma wakes us up to dig deeper and find the answer to the mystery of who Joyce Del Viscovo is.

Who is Joyce from My 600 lb. Life?

Joyce is now one of the most popular celebrities on reality TV thanks to her story of weight loss being featured on My 600 LB Life show. She was appointed in that show’s episode 7 of season 8, 2020. She was one among the many contestants who frequently appeared in the program and was known for carrying the highest weight-shedding result.

What made her even more remarkable was the fact that Joyce was at her heaviest when she weighed 758 pounds and was 4 feet 11 inches tall. With her normal BMI of one hundred and sixty. She told that was 5 that she realized that she had a skewed view and unwanted affection for food.

She added that the divorce was not only in rapid progress but her parents ended their marriage while she was still small. She ended up living with her mom for a while after she relocated with her boyfriend and his kids.

Joyce, with food being so abundant and her grandmother always giving her too much, was also left under the care of her grandmother, who used to often spoil her by feeding her too much.

What happened to Joyce in My 600 LB Life?

Joyce Del Viscovo missed appointments and dropped out of the program before completion, blaming Dr. Now and disputing her weight. Dr. Now accused her of manipulation.

What happened to Joyce in My 600 LB Life

Besides turning away from the scenario, Joyce charges Dr Now for disregarding her and not being trustworthy.

On this journey, she also claimed to be discouraged because the weighing scale was wrong considering she did not know why her weight kept increasing.

An employee from the digital marketing agency claimed this programmer did not deliver on agreed deliverables to the client.

On one hand, Dr Now accused Joyce of fabricating issues and reasons as a way out of situations that were not suitable for her, whereas on the other hand, she believed that her physical condition kept getting worse.

She had mentioned herself “being extremely manipulative and dangerous” which had a concerning effect on her.

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