What happened to Kara Robinson? Surviving the Unthinkable

Kara Robinson faced tough times in 2002. She was brave enough to escape and then share her terrifying incident with the world. Kara Robinson serves as an inspiration, as her story gives strength and hope to people around her.

This article digs into her harrowing ordeal, the strategic decisions she made to ensure her safety, and her subsequent journey as an advocate for crime victims.

From Victim to Advocate

Robinson’s harrowing experience steered her life’s direction. After bonding with the sheriff who managed her case, she found a calling in law enforcement. Today, as a wife and mother, she champions the cause of crime victims, hosting the podcast “Survivor’s Guide to True Crime” and sharing her experiences to help others navigate trauma.

What happened to Kara Robinson
Kara Robinson

What happened to Kara Robinson?

In 2002, 15-year-old Kara Robinson faced a terrifying ordeal when Richard Evonitz, a notorious serial killer, abducted her from a friend’s yard in Columbia, South Carolina. Evonitz’s grim history revealed he had already taken the lives of Sofia Silva, Kristen Lisk, and Kati Lisk between 1996 and 1997.

Robinson’s Fight for Survival

Inside Evonitz’s home, Robinson’s instincts to survive kicked in. As Evonitz held a gun to her neck, she navigated a delicate balance of freezing, fighting, and appeasing, primarily focusing on calming her captor. Her ultimate goal was to gather enough information to plan an escape.

Building Trust and Gathering Intel

To ensure her safety, Robinson knew she needed Evonitz to trust her. By calmly engaging with him and volunteering for tasks like sweeping or conversing, she hoped he would become complacent. This strategy allowed her to memorize critical details about her surroundings, from the layout of the apartment to personal information on magnets attached to the fridge.

Signs of Another Presence

During her captivity, Robinson detected hints of another individual’s presence. The presence of feminine products, long red hair on a hairbrush, and two toothbrushes suggested someone else might be living with Evonitz, amplifying the danger of her situation.

The Daring Escape

One fateful night, seizing a moment when Evonitz slept, Robinson managed to break free from her restraints. She promptly contacted the authorities, providing them with crucial information that led to Evonitz’s eventual capture and, later, his demise in Florida.

Unmasking Evonitz’s Dark Secrets

Post-capture revelations painted a disturbing picture of Evonitz. The FBI highlighted his explosive temper, fascination with firearms, and involvement with drugs. His sinister patterns, including a morbid preoccupation with drowning and specific behaviors towards victims, were detailed by the FBI, underscoring the depth of his depravity.

Sharing Her Tale

Robinson’s incredible story has been immortalized in the media, with a lifetime movie and a documentary showcasing her resilience.

In these, she delves into the “appease response” that saved her, offering insights into her natural survival instincts.

A Message of Hope and Strength

Reflecting on her journey, Robinson imparts invaluable advice to potential victims. She emphasizes the power of positive self-talk, urging individuals to reinforce their mental strength and resilience. Her message serves as a beacon of hope, reminding others of the indomitable human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity.

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