What happened to Kaylee VCHA? Sudden Hiatus and Age Controversy

VCHA is a popular global girl group that was formed in 2023. It has not been quite long since the girl group took shape. The group was officially made and introduced to the world in September 2023. The A2K reality idol competition gave the world one of the best-known girl groups.

The reality show was a project of both JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. The former is popularly known for creating the best-known music groups in South Korea, so it did it again and made the world familiar with VCHA.

The Finalization of VCHA and its Members

On September 21, 2023, A2K aired its finale episode and brought VCHA to the world. With the finale episode of the joint venture of Republic Records and JYP Entertainment, VCHA was finalized with six members.

The music group turned out to be a girl group and it has six members, Lexi Kendall, Savanna, KG, Camila, and Kaylee. While everyone is 16 and older, there is one girl who is a minor, and she is Kaylee.

Kaylee’s Age Controversy

Kaylee Lee is a popular name for the girl group VCHA. By now, the world knows she is the youngest member of the group. She is just 13 years old, which makes her the youngest member of the group.

The girls debuted with their song “Girls of the Year.” While everyone praised the young talents, some people came forward to express their concern regarding Kaylee’s age.

A few of the audience members said that Kaylee should focus on her studies, while others said minors working in the entertainment industry should be banned because it can affect their studies as well as their mental health.

There’s a lot of pressure to handle when you’re in the entertainment industry and Kaylee being a kid, can affect her mental health.

Management Addressed the Concerns About Kaylee’s Age

Kaylee is an American-Korean who finally made her debut in the K-pop industry at the age of 13. Her age became a topic of concern for people.

During the auditions for A2K, all the contestants were 12 to 18 years old, which raised some eyebrows and raised flags among the audience. Especially the age of Kaylee became a reason for concern. Audiences didn’t expect her to debut with the entire group.

They thought Kaylee was too young to make her debut and expected her to get some more training and then be at the correct age to come up with her song. However, it didn’t go as expected, which turned out to be a shock and concern.

What happened to Kaylee VCHA
Kaylee VCHA

Well, considering the concern regarding Kaylee’s age and her being a minor, Daniel Hong, an LA-based JYP Entertainment manager, said in an interview that they are following the rules and regulations set by California about the working conditions of minors in the entertainment industry.

The regulations include the need for limited working hours, the presence of a guardian on sets, and a private tutor to ensure no hindrance to studies. Daniel Hong has ensured that the rules are strictly followed, even though VCHA had to face tough situations.

What happened to Kaylee VCHA?

Kaylee from VCHA is taking a break for an indefinite period due to health conditions. The statement has been released by the official page of VCHA on X.

JYP Entertainment revealed that Kaylee wouldn’t be part of promotions for their latest song, “Only One.” She will be taking a hiatus and fans will be kept updated about Kaylee’s return on stage. Kaylee’s health issues have not been revealed yet but we hope for her speedy recovery and her return to screen.

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