What happened to Keith Marler? Detangling the mystery

Navigating the atmospheric currents of life, meteorologist Keith Marler has weathered not just the storms on his weather maps but also the personal tempests that life brings.

From the meteorological highs of an award-winning career to the lows of a challenging issue that kept him off the airwaves for months, Marler’s journey is a testament to resilience.

As the face of FOX 9’s morning weather reports, he’s not only decoded the mysteries of the atmosphere but also shared glimpses into his private life.

Let’s look into the whirlwind that is Keith Marler’s life, from forecasting weather “On the 9s” to the warmth of family and the challenges he faced off-screen.

What happened to Keith Marler
Keith Marler

Who is Keith Marler?

Award-winning meteorologist Keith Marler of Fox 9 has been with KMSP-TV since 2003. Keith Marler was clueless about his life goals while attending college.

Every weekday for six and a half hours, FOX 9 Morning News airs “Weather on the 9s” from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m., meteorologist Keith Marler hosts the FOX 9 Buzz from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., and he oversees weather duties during “FOX 9 at 11 a.m.”

Despite his passion for science, he had no desire to spend all of his time in a lab. He enjoyed teaching because he was a great hammerer, but not in a small classroom.

He thus put all of his interests together, started a career as a weatherman, and never looked back. The meteorologist, who won an Emmy, grew up in the United States.

What happened to Keith Marler?

After a difficult inner-ear problem, Twin Cities meteorologist Keith Marler returned to television for the first time in several months.

Marler, the FOX 9 morning meteorologist, disclosed that he had been absent due to vertigo and other problems stemming from an inner ear problem.

The problem, according to Marler, “turned into weeks and weeks turned into months” after initially lasting only a few days.

The veteran weathercaster revealed that he had undergone multiple medical examinations due to an inner ear condition that had become “hay-wire.” He described the condition as vertigo that “hit like a truck for a couple days.”

He pursued his studies and earned a bachelor’s degree in math and physics. He is currently working toward a Master of Science in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences.

As per his LinkedIn profile, he has not yet earned a master’s degree. He started working as a morning meteorologist at Duluth’s KBJR-News6 in April 1998. He remained in that role until December 2000.

He then began working as the weekend and noon meteorologist at WUSA TV in January 2001, a position he held for two years. He began working at KMSP-TV in October 2003 and has remained there ever since.

He prefers to keep his private affairs private. He has not disclosed information about his parents’ names, date and place of birth, or family history as a result. The University of Maryland was attended by the American weatherman.

Over the course of his tenure at FOX 9, Keith has presented over 100,000 “On the 9s” weather reports in the morning, won numerous accolades, including “America’s Favorite Weather Forecaster,” and been actively involved in a number of charitable causes, including eQuality, the American Heart Association, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Is Keith Marler married?

Yes, Marler is a married man and a proud father of two children. Susan, his lovely wife, is a math and physics teacher. In a Facebook post, he disclosed that their first date took place on February 19, 1993.

Both of them were University of Maryland students. Their son, Jack, was born in 2007, and their daughter, Grace, was born in 2004. Another son they had died from trisomy, a genetic disorder after he was born prematurely.

While in Duluth, Keith developed his meteorological abilities and was awarded the esteemed Seal of Approval by the American Meteorological Society.

Since moving to Minnesota, Keith and Susan have expanded their family. They have also added two crazy Bulldogs to “Team Marler” over the years.

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