What happened to Kenley Pope? The History of Cheer Extreme Allstars

Kenley Pope is a famous cheerleader. She was born on December 3, 2004; her birthplace is North Carolina. Kenley is well-known as a competitive cheerleader who is recognized for having competed on the teams C4 Bombsquad, Senior Elite, and Cheer Extreme Crush. With the C4 Bombsquad, she has won an NCA All-Star title. Moreover, Kenley is also a 2x Majors champion.

Kenley practiced cheerleading with actress Dakota Fanning. Before becoming famous, she competed in the 2015 Nfinity Generation Next event. Kenley is the daughter of cheerleading coach Courtney Smith-Pope.

Kenley Pope’s net worth, or net income, is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. She has made such an amount of wealth from her primary career as a cheerleader.

Kenley Pope Weight Loss

While nobody knows what’s going on with Kenley Pople, she seems to be going through a very difficult time right now. And it has people speculating if it has something to do with the dramatic Kenley Pople weight loss transformation she’s undergone.

At this point, no one currently knows what’s going on. And after her mother’s Facebook post, there have been no more developments. Her admirers are worried about the situation.

Cheer Confessions Incorporations published their messages and a copy of her mother’s message. They said that they are giving the Pope family all of their love, along with their thoughts and prayers.

The organization, which is authorized to speak for Kenley, has asked that all supporters respect the Pope family’s right to privacy at this time.

Additionally, they advise against making assumptions regarding Kenley’s health at this time or spreading untrue rumors that haven’t been validated by them.

On Twitter, supporters are trying their hardest to uplift Kenley Pope. Because of this, very little is known about her or the fate of the TikTok celebrity.

What happened to Kenley Pope?

Kenley Pope continues her successful cheerleading career, winning her eleventh NCA title at the 2024 NCA All-Star Nationals. Despite concerns over her health and weight loss, she remains a prominent figure in the cheerleading world.

The three-day competition began with the NCA All-Star Nationals 2024 returning to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. In April, over 26,000 competitors from all over the nation vied for a chance to go to the Cheer Worlds 2024 and beyond.

What happened to Kenley Pope
Kenley Pope

In addition to earning 700 points toward The League by Varsity All-Star, participating teams this weekend also received bids to end-of-season championship events. Paid and At Large Bids to The Summit and The Cheerleading Worlds were among the bids up for grabs. 

For the eleventh time, Kenley Pope has won the NCA.

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