What happened to Kerstin Lindquist on QVC? The Tale of Bravery

Follow Kerstin Lindquist’s riveting journey, full of twists and turns that will have the QVC community on the tip of their seats. Throughout her journey, Kerstin made it clear that her writings were not medical advice, but rather wellness approaches that worked for her.

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What happened to Kerstin Lindquist on QVC?

Kerstin Lindquist recently shared a personal story of surgery and recuperation. The post-surgery days were filled with honest updates. On day three, she discussed the difficulties of healing, such as swelling, sluggish development, and hazy eyesight.

In addition to her troubles, she was concerned for her daughter, Grace, who had a fever.

However, in a moment of victory, Kerstin revealed a big praise report: all pathology findings were clear, confirming stage 4 endometriosis/endometriomas. Her unshakeable trust in God shined through as she encouraged people to believe in Him.

What happened to Kerstin Lindquist on QVC
Kerstin Lindquist

Kerstin provided practical insights into the post-surgery diet. She suggested preparing healthful snacks for hospital stays, focusing on plant-based foods high in Vitamin C, fiber, turmeric, and almonds. Hydration, both with water and electrolytes, was emphasized as critical.

Kerstin recognized the mental and emotional problems of rehabilitation and suggested comfort foods such as oats, chocolate, and peanut butter.

Go through the recent Instagram post by Kerstin Lindquist regarding her health recovery and regular health advice:

Kerstin Lindquist’s Past Hiatus for Missionary Adventure in Mexico

Hold onto your shopping bags, QVC enthusiasts, for the vivacious Kerstin Lindquist is taking a little hiatus from the world of televised retail therapy! Up a stunning turn of events, Kerstin has opted to switch up her QVC presenter hat for a stethoscope as she goes on a three-month missionary trip to a Christian medical center in Mexico.

Kerstin expressed her delight in this new phase of service in a passionate Facebook post. After years of prayer and preparation, she, her husband, and their children felt called to make a difference in the lives of others. But don’t worry, clever buyers, this is only a little vacation; Kerstin tells us she’ll be back on broadcast by April 20.

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