What happened to Lance on Maine Cabin Masters? Is he fired from the Maine Cabin Masters?

Have you ever wondered what happened to Lance on Maine Cabin Masters? Here you can find out who Lance Gatcomb is and why he left the show, Maine Cabin Masters.

A close-knit community of Maine-based homebuilders, Maine Cabin Masters provides a unique look into their daily lives, illustrating how Chase Morrill, Lance Gatcomb, and Jared “Jedi” Baker overcome obstacles related to their line of work and beyond. Every episode also features the work of two skilled carpenters, Matt “Dixie” Dix and Jared “Jedi” Baker.

It is an unscripted television program that broadcasts on Magnolia Network (formerly DIY Network) and documents the process of renovating and restoring cabins in Maine.

The program premiered on January 2, 2017, and it was the most watched show on DIY for its first three seasons.

What happened to Lance on Maine Cabin Masters
Lance Gatcomb

Over the last four seasons, we have witnessed the legendary crew turn some of the most abandoned cabins into modernist marvels. Nevertheless, as some astute viewers have noticed, one member of the crew disappeared from the show. So, what happened to Lance?

What is Maine Cabin Masters all about?

In every episode of Maine Cabin Masters, Chase Morrill introduces Ashley and Ryan to the owners of a brand-new cabin—referred to as a “camp” in the area.

These cabins usually need a lot of work and are not in good shape. The cabin masters collaborate to restore the structures while maintaining their original functionality, and they set a budget and deadline. They might occasionally include contemporary features like composting toilets and solar panels.

Every episode concludes with the owners being “revealed” with the renovated cabin and the Cabin Masters formally handing over the keys. Although Chase leads the team, everyone works together to complete the task.

As the designer, Ashley selects paint hues and other accent pieces and looks for one-of-a-kind items that embody Maine culture, like tote bags fashioned from recycled sails.

The show’s captivating ensemble of characters, stunning settings, and emphasis on traditional building methods and craftsmanship have all contributed to its devoted fan base.

What happened to Lance on Maine Cabin Masters?

Lance Gatcomb, a key member of ‘Maine Cabin Masters,’ left at the end of Season 4, leaving fans in the dark. Since he keeps a low profile on social media, his whereabouts after he left the show are unknown. Fans miss his humor and hope for his return.

He used to be a cast member of Maine Cabin Masters, a popular show on the DIY Network. Gatcomb was a frequent guest on the show during seasons 1–3 and was popular for his friendly demeanor and superb carpentry abilities.

Because of Gatcomb’s contributions to the show and his approachable, down-to-earth style, fans of Maine Cabin Masters still think well of him even after his departure.

Furthermore, a lot of fans have expressed their hope that he will eventually return to the show or appear on television again, even though there is currently no indication of this.

Gatcomb was a pivotal figure in the original cast, contributing to the show with his distinctive fusion of heart, humor, and labor.

Despite his potential departure from Maine Cabin Masters, viewers will always remember the valuable contributions he made during the first few seasons of the show.

What does Lance from Cabin Masters do now?

Lance is not a big social media user. He rarely posts on his Facebook page and is not active on many of the major networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Finding out details about his life after leaving the reality show has proven challenging due to his lack of social media interaction.

However, the reality star surfaced on YouTube in September 2020 with a self-titled channel.

The builder was seen doing various tasks around his house in his first video, including building, fixing, and renovating. After that, there were some “how-to” videos.

Some of his ensuing videos came with such titles as “Finishing a Lawn for a House Lot,” Building a Pavilion,” “How to Change the New Style Excavator Bucket Teeth,” and more.

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