What happened to LMFAO? The Party Rockers

The electro-pop duo LMFAO certainly changed the majority of the club scene in the early 2010s, but it’s been more than a decade since these party rockers last brought the house down.

LMFAO, which stands for “Laughing My Freaking Ass Off,” is made up of the uncle-nephew duo Stefan and Skyler Gordy, better known as RedFoo and Sky Blu. The two come from a musical family; RedFoo is Berry Gordy’s youngest son, and Sky Blu is his grandson.

So it’s no surprise that the dynamic duo was a big hit, with several chart-topping songs, but they were gone almost as quickly as they appeared.

LMFAO’s biggest hits

The duo known as LMFAO signed with Interscope Records in the early 2000s, and their debut singles “I’m in Miami Bitch” and “Shots” became instant hits in 2008. Their distinct style and powerful bass-filled backbeat made them club favorites, and they appeared in many DJ sets around the world.

Following the success of these singles, RedFoo and SkyBlu released their debut album, Party Rocking, in 2009.

While LMFAO was at the top of the charts and around the world, they decided to strike. Their next single from the album, “Champagne Showers,” may not have performed as well as “Party Rock Anthem,” but the duo’s third single, “Sexy and I Know It,” a confident and bass-heavy banger earned LMFAO their second Billboard Hot 100 peak.

What happened to Lmfao?

In 2012, LMFAO decided to take a long break because they felt they had been making music for too long. Despite rumors of them breaking up, RedFoo and SkyBlu clarified that they were not splitting and wanted to focus on their own projects. It’s been 10 years, and they haven’t released any new music together. Instead, they’ve been focusing on their personal goals and projects.

What happened to Lmfao

In 2012, the exceptionally effective duo LMFAO astounded fans by reporting an endless break. In a meeting with Billboard, RedFoo made sense that they had grown tired of listening to music and needed to find alternate paths.

He advised them to listen to their gut feelings rather than continue on a path that did not feel right at the time.

While LMFAO’s choice to seek different paths was steady with their objectives, it came to the conclusion of a significant period for the pair.

Despite consolations from the two individuals, LMFAO has not delivered any music together in more than 10 years. Fans are as yet curious about their singular undertakings and enthusiastically expect any future coordinated efforts or reunions.

Where is LMFAO now?

Sky Blu, presently known as “8ky 6lu,” has delivered two undertakings since the break. His presentation collection, Renegade Music, was delivered in 2013, trailed by Fxck Better Believe it: Bedlam to Cognizance, a 30-tune hip bounce collection, in 2016. Nonetheless, they were not quite as effective as his LMFAO discharges.

While the powerful duo is still notable and keeps on delivering music, as solo specialists, they presently can’t seem to match the levels and progress of their work as LMFAO.

Nonetheless, the two stars stay dynamic in the music business and follow each other via web-based entertainment, raising concerns about any familial conflicts between them.

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