What happened to Luca on SWAT? Goodbyes are Getting Closer

SWAT is set to reach its end. The final season of the show is currently airing. Fans and cast members are emotional about the show’s ending. After running for 7 seasons, SWAT has reached its end but there is news about two characters from the show being missing.

Audiences are curious about where their favorite characters are, especially Luca, as they haven’t seen him since the beginning of season 7.

Two OG Characters are Missing Out

The OG characters of SWAT were dropped from the show, as it was announced earlier before the release of Season 7. Now comes the question, who are these OG characters? Street is dropped from the show.

Audiences took the hint from the previous episode and didn’t wait to conclude that Street had left the series. He bid his goodbyes to the show in the most recent episode of SWAT.

Now fans are hit by the question of whether Luca is leaving the show as well because he has been absent from the scene, which might mean he has left the show. But the series didn’t give a specific reason for his exit so the question arises, What happened to Luca on SWAT?

What happened to Luca on SWAT?

Luca will be leaving SWAT soon. He will die in the upcoming episode of SWAT. SWAT is ready to finish its journey of 7 seasons. The series end should be something thrilling, dramatic, and worth the emotional rollercoaster of audiences. That’s why the makers of the show have decided to kill off Luca while protecting a child.

What happened to Luca on SWAT

The New Promo Comes with Audience’s Misery

Audiences love the character of Luca and they just can’t accept the fact that he is going to die. Earlier, it was depicted that Luca was busy with some family issues; that’s why he was missing from the scene. But the recent promo excites fans as it shows Luca back on the screen. The happiness of the audience is short-lived as they continue watching the promo.

In the promo, Luca can be seen with a gun in his hand and chasing after someone. The scene takes a turn as he tries to protect a child and this leads him to lose his life to a gunshot.

Audience’s Dilemma Between Truth and False

The audience can’t accept the bitter truth of their favorite character’s death. They immediately started speculating about whether Luca died or if it was just a trick to save the kid. But it turns out that it is not a mere trick but a sad reality where Luca dies while performing a heroic act to save a child. In a photo, Luca can be seen lying dead with a gun next to him, which proves that he has died.

Are Luca and Street leaving the show?

Yes, both the talented actors and beloved characters, Street and Luca, are leaving the series. They left the series in the very initial episodes of the 13-episode season. The series will give the character an appropriate ending.

The makers of the show do not want their audiences to be left on a cliffhanger, so they will give a proper insight into Luca and Street’s departure.

Makers’ Say on the Departure of Luca

The makers of SWAT have revealed that they wanted to say a proper farewell to one of their most loved characters. They wanted to give Luca a good storyline with a good ending so that the character could be remembered with love even after his departure.

Andrew Dettmann, one of the makers, revealed that the current storyline will be given utmost priority and they are trying to make sure that audiences enjoy and feel every scene of SWAT.

The maker also revealed that Jim Street and Luca will be leaving the show as well. He emphasized that the first few episodes will concentrate on Street and Luca and their exit from the show.

“The idea for the final 13 was that, if this was the end for us, nobody feels like they were underserved,” Andrew Dettman said, which shows how much the cast holds significance for him.

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