What happened to Lucas NCT?

Delving into the tumultuous departure of Lucas, formerly of NCT and WayV, this article unravels the intricacies of his exit from the K-pop scene. Amidst allegations of misconduct and gaslighting, Lucas’s hiatus and subsequent departure sparked waves of controversy and reflection within the industry.

From his rise to prominence to the circumstances leading to his exit, this piece provides a comprehensive exploration of the events surrounding his departure.

Who is Lucas?

Lucas, born Huang Xuxi on January 25, 1999, is a singer, rapper, and dancer hailing from Hong Kong. He rose to prominence as a member of NCT, a South Korean boy group managed by SM Entertainment. Within NCT, Lucas participated in various sub-units, including NCT U and WayV, the latter being a Chinese sub-unit.

Additionally, he was part of SuperM, a supergroup formed by SM Entertainment consisting of members from various boy groups under the label.

However, in May 2023, Lucas departed from both NCT and WayV, marking the end of his tenure with the groups. This decision came after a period of deliberation and mutual agreement between Lucas and SM Entertainment.

Before his departure, Lucas had been on indefinite hiatus since August 2021, following allegations of inappropriate behavior and gaslighting leveled against him by several netizens. These allegations pertained to his relationships and interactions with fans.

In response to the controversy, Lucas apologized via his Instagram account, expressing remorse for any hurt caused and vowing to reflect on his behavior. He also announced his intention to take time away from scheduled activities to engage in self-reflection.

While Lucas’s departure from NCT and WayV marked the end of one chapter in his career, it also signaled the beginning of a new journey as he sought to pursue individual endeavors.

Despite the challenges he faced, Lucas’s talent and contributions to the K-Pop industry remain undeniable.

What happened to Lucas NCT?

In 2021, Lucas, a prominent member of NCT and its Chinese sub-unit WayV faced a series of controversies that ultimately led to his departure from the group.

Allegations of inappropriate behavior and gaslighting surfaced on social media platforms, causing significant concern among fans and the wider K-pop community.

These allegations stemmed from accusations made by individuals claiming to have had personal interactions with Lucas, detailing instances of manipulation and deceit within their relationships.

The severity of these allegations prompted SM Entertainment, the agency representing NCT and WayV, to take action.

What happened to Lucas NCT
Lucas NCT

In response to the controversy, SM Entertainment announced that Lucas would be going on an indefinite hiatus, acknowledging the gravity of the situation and expressing regret for any distress caused.

This hiatus served as a period for reflection and assessment, allowing Lucas and the agency to address the allegations and determine an appropriate course of action.

Despite efforts to manage the situation, the controversy surrounding Lucas persisted, leading to his eventual departure from NCT and WayV.

Following his departure, Lucas issued a statement expressing remorse for his actions and acknowledging the impact they had on those involved. He apologized to fans and expressed gratitude for their support throughout his time with the group.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment reiterated its commitment to maintaining the integrity and reputation of its artists, emphasizing the importance of accountability and ethical conduct within the entertainment industry.

Why did Lucas leave NCT?

Lucas departed from NCT, according to a statement issued by SM Entertainment, to pursue his endeavors. The decision was characterized as mutual, following discussions between Lucas and the agency.

This move occurred against a hiatus initiated in August 2021, during which Lucas was reflecting on his actions after allegations of misconduct and gaslighting were leveled against him by various netizens.

These allegations pertained to his relationships and interactions with fans. Throughout this period, Lucas remained on hiatus, contemplating his behavior and its repercussions.

The official statement from SM Entertainment emphasized that Lucas’ departure was the result of careful consideration, taking into account the interests of both the artist and the group. It indicated that Lucas was now poised to explore opportunities beyond NCT, signaling a new chapter in his career.

During his hiatus, Lucas took to social media to express remorse for any distress his actions may have caused. He issued a public apology, acknowledging the gravity of the situation and expressing a desire to learn from his mistakes.

Lucas articulated his intention to engage in introspection and self-improvement during this period of self-imposed hiatus, indicating a commitment to personal growth and accountability.

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