What happened to Lucy on NCIS Hawaii? Detangling the mystery

In the enthralling universe of NCIS: Hawaii, where the sun meets the ocean and justice explores through the waves, there lies the riddle of Lucy Tara.

A guide of assurance and mind, Lucy remains a mainstay of the NCIS group, her story winding through episodes like a completely thrilling secret ready to be disentangled.

From her foundations in Texas to the clamoring shores of Hawaii, Lucy’s process is basically as convincing as the cases she assists with tackling.

Find what lies underneath the outer layer of NCIS: Hawaii’s adored specialist and the fascinating story of Yasmine Al-Bustami’s excursion both on and off the screen.

Who is Lucy on NCIS Hawaii?

Kate Whistler’s girlfriend and Junior Agent on the NCIS: Hawaii Team is Lucy Tara. Later on, she joins the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) as an NCIS agent afloat.

Lucy was born in Texas and is the child of an unidentified couple. She has a sister and two older brothers. Lucy presumably attended and graduated from a college following her high school education.

She demonstrated skill at poker while attending college, even playing a lot of it online under the username “LuckyLucy007,” which she eventually retired.

Later, she worked as a summer intern for the Congress, where she learned how to read backward in addition to other tasks.

When Lucy told her parents she wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement instead of entering the family oil business, they were disappointed.

What happened to Lucy on NCIS Hawaii?

Lucy had vanished from the Field Office in Pearl Harbor.

Fans of NCIS: Hawaii were a little perplexed when they watched the most recent episode of season three because one of the main characters, Lucy Tara, seemed to be absent.

Fans quickly noticed Lucy’s absence from the show, even though most of the agents were on hand to investigate the brazen daytime robbery of a Navy Federal Credit Union, which sent the NCIS team on the hunt for a group of thieves.

What happened to Lucy on NCIS Hawaii
Lucy Tara

Fans questioned Lucy’s absence on social media, asking why the show had not addressed the reason behind it. The news that Lucy will return in episode four, which premieres on Monday, March 4, will please fans.

The episode, “Dead on Arrival,” features first-look photos of Lucy and her girlfriend Kate. Lucy is seen cuddling up to Kate and they even plant a kiss. Yasmine has missed several episodes of the procedural drama in the past.

The actress largely missed eight episodes of season two after Lucy left Hawaii to take a new position as a Special Agent Afloat.

Yasmine had temporarily left the set to attend to other work commitments, including filming for her role as a series regular in the historical drama series The Chosen.

Yasmine has missed several episodes of the procedural drama in the past.

Who portrays Lucy on NCIS Hawaii?

Actress Yasmine Al-Bustami hails from America. Her most well-known roles have been in NCIS: Hawaii, The Chosen, and The Originals. 

Yasmine Al-Bustami was born to a Palestinian-Jordanian father and a Filipina mother in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Yasmine moved to Texas with her family when she was three years old.  

She decided to go into entertainment after earning a degree in finance and furthering her education in Chicago, Illinois.

Al-Bustami debuted on television in 2013 in The Originals, where she played the recurring character of season one antagonist Monique Deveraux. In a 2014 guest star role in a Nashville season 3 episode, she portrayed Delissa Birch.

In 2015, Al-Bustami made a brief appearance in an episode of Switched at Birth’s fourth season. She starred in a recurring role on season 2 of The Inspectors from 2016 to 2017.

She made an appearance in John Legend’s “Surefire” music video in 2017. Al-Bustami appeared in the motion picture You Get Me as well. She played Sasha as a regular on the CW Seed series I Ship It.

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