What happened to Maddie in school spirits? An unexpected and often overlooked scene that upended Maddie’s story

When Janet took control of Maddie’s body and ran away, her spirit was separated from her physical body. Maddie and her friends will need to work out a plan to locate Janet and retrieve Maddie’s body in School Spirits Season 2.

Following School Spirits, Maddie at last learned the truth about her mysterious death, but her story’s conclusion was not what she had expected.

Maddie had a list of potential offenders that included Mr. Anderson, Claire, her old best friend, and her mother. In School Spirits, Maddie talks about the burden her mother’s alcoholism has placed on her.

Maddie’s mother suffers from alcoholism. But after going with Simon to confront her mother, Maddie was able to conclude that her mother wasn’t the one who killed her. It turns out that a scene from episode 7 had a big impact on Maddie’s disappearance.

What happened in School Spirits’ seventh episode?

In the end, Dawn died in School Spirits episode 7. The character died by electrocution. When she realised her friends were making fun of her behind her back, Dawn carried that hurt with her until Maddie showed her that she had nothing to do with what had transpired, and then Dawn was ready to forgive herself.

What happened to Maddie in school spirits

As she passed, the school’s lights flickered, and she was surrounded by a blinding light that seemed like the brightness of heaven. Wally, Charley, and Rhonda noticed that Janet didn’t cross over when another student called her, suggesting that Janet might not have really gone over and might still be here.

What happened to Maddie in School Spirits?

In “School Spirits,” Maddie’s fate takes a surprising turn when Janet takes over her body, separating her spirit. Contrary to belief, Maddie isn’t dead—Janet hijacks her body for a second chance. Mr. Martin knew of Janet’s control, hinting at a darker truth. As the series continues, Maddie faces the challenge of reclaiming her body and life.

Maddie’s body has been taken over by Janet, and she is not dead. It is untrue that Maddie died and departed into the School Spirits’ afterlife. There were hints of this throughout the first season—she had a very difficult time remembering how she died, while the other spirits knew their deaths.

Maddie’s spirit isn’t in her body since Janet possessed her to give her another chance at life. This was also hinted at when Maddie claimed that, although she wanted to hypnotise herself to remember how she died, she was told not to do so to stop a ghost from taking control of her body.

As it seems, Mr. Martin wasn’t as innocent as he seemed. He started to resemble a suspect.

Even though he didn’t kill Maddie, he knew the entire time that Janet was using her body.

In conclusion, Janet buys a pass to get out of town while continuing to live in Maddie’s body. Given her distance, it will be difficult to locate her, and Maddie won’t be able to get her corpse back and live again.

Despite the unexpected ending, School Spirits has been revived by Paramount+ for a second season. The first season of the show is available to stream on Paramount+ and Netflix.

How is Maddie going to get her body back?

Maddie and her buddies are going to have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to get her body back into school spirit. It will be difficult for them to locate Janet if she leaves town with Maddie’s body because the majority of them are unable to leave their area, let alone their school.

Although hypnosis might lead to someone gaining control of Maddie’s body, Maddie will probably use it to assist herself in getting back into her own body.

The biggest riddle surrounding School Spirits remains to be answered: how will Maddie and her friends locate Janet so she can get back to her normal life?

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