What happened to Mary Berg? ‘Mary Makes It Easy’ in the Comfort of Home

Mary Berg, frequently hailed as Canada’s answer to Ina Garten with a bit of Rachel Khoo’s vivified energy, has cut a remarkable specialty in the culinary world. From winning MasterChef Canada to facilitating her own shows and writing cookbooks, Berg’s journey mirrors a mix of enthusiasm, flexibility, and a profound association with the kitchen.

The Rise of a Culinary Character

Mary Berg’s culinary excursion went off in a strange direction when she secured the title in season three of MasterChef Canada in 2016.

This win denoted a critical shift from her profession in protection deals to turning into a full-time food character.

What happened to Mary Berg
Mary Berg

What happened to Mary Berg?

Mary Berg’s latest venture, “Mary Makes It Easy,” showcased on ViuTV Six in Hong Kong, offers viewers a glimpse into her actual home kitchen.

Drawing parallels to Rachel Khoo’s “My Little French Kitchen,” Berg’s engaging and animated approach creates an inviting atmosphere, making viewers feel like they are cooking alongside a friend.

The Kitchen as a Refuge

Berg’s early connection with the kitchen arose from tragedy at the age of seven, following a car accident that claimed her father’s life.

Taking on the role of the family cook during their recovery, Berg found solace and creativity in the kitchen, turning it into her domain.

Winning MasterChef Canada opened unforeseen doors for Berg, propelling her into a profession she hadn’t envisioned.

Her passion for food and avid interest in writing led her to author two cookbooks, “Kitchen Party” and “Well Seasoned.”

Berg now hosts multiple television shows, including the Canadian baking competition “Cross Country Cake Off.”

Sharing Over Restaurants

Not at all like seeking to be a gourmet chef, Berg’s culinary enthusiasm lies in sharing food.

She values the association and delight of cooking for individuals as opposed to conveying dishes to a far-off table.

Her inclination for a common encounter and the public idea of home cooking line up with her love for writing and making in the kitchen.

Southern and Canadian Influences

Berg’s culinary style inclines towards solace and easygoing dining, keeping away from the quest for extravagant fixings or exotic flavors. Affected by Southern cooking standards of bounty and sharing, she thinks about the evolution of her food personality and the solace that characterizes her ongoing methodology, particularly clear in her show “Mary Makes It Easy.”

In spite of being a pescatarian for more than 15 years, Berg doesn’t bar meat from her collection.

Her sharp sense of smell, areas of strength, and strong flavor memory permit her to nicely navigate seasoning and move toward meat. This interesting point of view is a demonstration of her baking side’s scientific way to deal with culinary expressions.

Asian Cuisine and Culinary Discovery

Berg is candid about her lack of experience with Asian cooking, calling it a weakness in her repertoire. She does, though, seem genuinely curious to try the various flavors and preparation methods.

Berg has a keen interest in learning about and honoring Asian culinary traditions, which motivates her to experiment with different Asian ingredients before incorporating them into her cooking.

A Global Culinary Perspective

Berg’s dream is not just to fuse different cuisines together; she wants to know and appreciate each one before using it in her dishes.

Her dream is to travel extensively and embrace the authenticity of each region’s culinary artistry, even though she has already experienced Hong Kong’s vibrant street food and dim sum culture.

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