What happened to Moon from KS95? The Legacy and Impact Larry Thompson Left in Radio and MS Advocacy

Radio enthusiasts in the Twin Cities are mourning the loss of Larry “Moon” Thompson, a beloved radio personality who spent 17 years at local radio station KS95. Moon, known for his infectious energy and humor, co-hosted the “Moon and Staci Show” until 2019, when he decided to step back from the show to prioritize his health.

The “Moon and Staci Show” Legacy

For a very long time, Moon and his co-host, Staci Matthews, engaged crowds on the “Moon and Staci Show.” Their chemistry, banter, and veritable association with audience members made the show a dearest fixture in the Twin Cities radio scene.

The couple became inseparable in the mornings, creating a dedicated fan base that valued their humor, camaraderie, and community engagement.

What happened to Moon from KS95

In 2019, Moon settled on the hard decision to leave the show, referring to a need to focus on his wellbeing. This was the obvious conclusion of an important time period for the “Moon and Staci Show,” and audience members expressed both misery and understanding as Moon left on another chapter.

Moon’s Health Struggles and Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Moon’s departure from the “Moon and Staci Show” was incited by health concerns, especially his continuous fight with multiple sclerosis (MS). Diagnosed in 2005, Moon showed momentous versatility by proceeding to work for more than 10 years post-diagnosis.

Multiple sclerosis is a persistent immune system illness influencing the central nervous system, and Moon confronted its difficulties with boldness and determination.

The Effect of Moon’s Advocacy for MS

Moon dealt with MS directly as well as utilized his foundation to bring issues to light and assets for the battle against the illness. His promotion work reached beyond the limits of the radio corner, displaying a pledge to have an effect on the existence of those impacted by MS.

His endeavors finished with the formation of “Moon’s Miracle Fund to Fight MS,” a demonstration of his enduring commitment to the cause.

What happened to Moon from KS95?

On January 25, 2024, Moon died, leaving a void in the hearts of the people who loved his on-air presence.

The fresh insight about the moon’s passing on January 25, 2024, sent shockwaves through the Twin Cities areas and the more extensive radio community. KS95, the station that had been Moon’s radio home for almost twenty years, paid a genuine tribute to honor his memory. On-air tributes and social media posts illustrated the effect Moon had on associates and audience members alike.

Moon’s Cause of Death

Moon’s definitive cause of death was ascribed to intricacies connected with multiple sclerosis. Reports propose that he calmly died in his rest, bringing both a sense of relief from torment and distress for those left behind.

His departure denoted the end of a section in the realm of radio, leaving partners and fans wrestling with the passing of a cherished figure.

KS95’s Tribute and Call to Action

KS95’s official tribute to Moon highlighted his positive, energetic, and caring personality, which endeared him to everyone around him.

The station acknowledged Moon’s advocacy for MS and encouraged listeners to contribute to “Moon’s Miracle Fund to Fight MS” as a meaningful way to remember him. This call to action reflects Moon’s lasting impact, extending beyond the airwaves into a tangible effort to support those affected by MS.

Colleague Reflections

Hutch, who ventured into Moon’s shoes on the “Moon and Staci Show” after his departure, posted a powerful statement via social media following the fresh insight about Moon’s passing.

He talked about losing a legend and offered thanks for the positive impact Moon had on his life and profession. Hutch attributed Moon for rousing him to be better, stressing the enduring effect of their professional relationship.

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