What happened to Pratt on ‘ER’? The Rollercoaster of Emotions in the Finale Season

The final season of ER was an emotional rollercoaster. Viewers knew the 15th and final season of ER was going to be different and hard to watch. They knew the journey would end on an emotional note, but they never expected it to be a painful goodbye. The tables flipped when Dr. Greg Pratt’s life was shown to be in danger.

The fans were left in shock when they saw their favorite character in a life-or-death situation. Pratt was in an ambulance when it exploded, leaving fans in a dilemma about his life.

Wave of Nostalgia Hitting on Hulu

The ER was a 15-season, long-running drama that used to air on NBC and is now available on Hulu. The fans of the series can reminisce about those days and live the charisma of the drama once again on Hulu.

Fans can once again live those intense and thrilling moments but this time they don’t have to wait to know what happens next in the story.

What happened to Pratt on ‘ER’?

Dr. Greg Pratt died on ‘ER.’ In Season 15, Pratt has been seen almost lifeless since the premiere episode of the season. After trying their best, the doctors pronounced him dead, as there were no signs of recovery in his brain in the episode  “Life After Death.”

What happened to Pratt on 'ER'
Dr. Greg Pratt

Fates Took a Heart-Wrenching Turn

In the finale season of ‘ER,’ viewers can witness the dreadful moment of losing their favorite Pratt. After the ambulance explosion in the last episode of Season 14, Pratt suffered many injuries and was unconscious.

In the episode “Life After Death,” he regained consciousness but he remained extremely weak and injured due to the explosion.

The ambulance in which Pratt was riding was trapped by the Turkish mob. The mob’s main target was Pratt’s patient, who was a government informant. However, Pratt’s fate took a different turn, as when bulls fight, crops suffer.

Deteriorating Health and Vulnerability

Dr. Greg Pratt’s health kept deteriorating throughout Season 15. Finally, he was put on a bypass machine as his heart was extremely damaged. Once the doctor confirmed that his brain was showing no sign of recovery, he was pronounced dead.

The death came as tragic news for the co-workers. He was one of the beloved doctors and he was mourned by his fellow workers,  especially when his organs were being donated.

The death was even harder for the viewers to watch. They didn’t expect the heartbreaking things they would witness in the final season.

Plans of Forever Ended with Life

Dr. Greg Pratt started his journey as an intern. He was arrogant and stubborn but over the years, he had great character development. From being annoying and arrogant to mature and sensible, he became one of the favorite characters and co-workers for everyone.

His death left his plan incomplete. He was going to propose to radiologist Dr. Bettina DeJesus but things took a tragic turn and a promise of forever remained incomplete.

What was more heartbreaking was his promotion as the new Chief of the ER. He was about to get promoted and pursue his dream job. However, before he could get the offer from the new Chief of the ER, the explosion cut his life short.

Mekhi Phifer’s Views on Leaving ‘ER’

In one of the interviews with Vulture, Mekhi Phifer revealed that his character was supposed to be dead and both he and the writers agreed to kill the character. He explained that being on the set and shooting the ‘ER’ was one of the best experiences.

He had fun all through the show and would miss it, “but by the time I got there, even though the show hadn’t lost any of its quality, it just wasn’t getting recognized anymore,” he explained why it was necessary to leave the show. 

Mekhi Phifer also elaborated on the need for such an emotional goodbye. He felt like the show needed a “memorable bang” rather than a normal-I’m-leaving-the-city sort of goodbye. He wanted the character’s departure to be grand and his memories to be engraved in the audience’s hearts.

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