What happened to Raccooneggs? Why did Raccooneggs stop making videos?

Ezra, better known online as Raccooneggs, is an American YouTuber who primarily plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and does commentary. He became popular when CallMeCarson featured him in several of his older videos.

He debuted on YouTube in January 2016 with a video called “MLG RACCOONS,” which showed actual raccoons running. Ezra would occasionally stream live on Twitch on an account called RaccLive. He mentioned in his Instagram biography that he created an account on the platform because people were trying to impersonate him on it. 

SMii7Y, MojoOnPC, iNoToRiOuS, and many other people have all been featured in his videos.

What happened to Raccooneggs?

Raccooneggs vanished without a trace

Raccooneggs, also known as Racc, left a note stating, “I cannot say when I will be able to come back, but I have been wanting to for a while.” Due to severe allergic reactions from the apartments in his area, he had to move seven times in three years. Since October 2020, he has been staying at an Airbnb with a bad internet connection.

What happened to Raccooneggs

“I find it difficult to acknowledge when I am in pain; if that makes sense, I want to be an inspiration to others rather than someone who constantly complains about their life. I think I went too far with that sentiment,” he continued. He took to Twitter a few days after publishing the note to provide an additional update. 

“They are fighting upstairs about whether or not to throw me out because I tried heating my food with a lighter, and I am paying seventy dollars a night for an Airbnb without a kitchen.” Raccooneggs has been dealing with several issues, including homelessness and allergies. In a recent “Catching Up” episode of The Homie Talk Podcast, he went into more detail about his current situation. 

Throughout the nearly 11-minute video, Raccooneggs and his old friend, JC the Caster, covered a broad range of topics, including the prospect of inventing a stick-less corn dog, the current state of the U.S. economy, and an upcoming lunar eclipse. 

Supporters anticipate that Raccooneggs will return soon. 

Despite Raccooneggs’s protracted absence from social media sites like YouTube, his fans are hopeful that he will make a comeback.  

To find out more about the YouTuber’s present location, some fans turned to Twitter. Others headed to the social media platform to express how much they missed him.

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