What happened to Reggie Aqui? From Local News to International Recognition

Reggie Aqui is a renowned journalist and news commentator known for his significant contributions to ABC7 Mornings. He graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern College, indicating the beginning of his honored life. With many hours of participation collected from trustworthy media stages like CNN, Reggie has strengthened his position as an experienced professional in the field.

About Reggie Aqui’s Career

Reggie Aqui’s career background shows major areas of strength for news-casting and the art of storytelling. Reggie started his career at nearby news stations like WLUK in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and WDJT in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he leveled up his abilities and constructed a strong groundwork in detailing.

Reggie’s anchoring of significant occasions at CNN, including President Obama’s introduction, showed his capacity to convey the news to a worldwide crowd with clarity and balance.

His time at CNN likewise showed his flexibility as a writer, as he skillfully covered a large number of points, from political achievements to disastrous events, showing his versatility and commitment to keeping the crowd informed. His natural capacity to connect with the watchers and enthusiasm for narrating is evident in each broadcast.

Whether giving an account of neighborhood occasions or digging into bigger public issues, Reggie stays focused on giving informative, connecting with, and effective news. Reggie’s work informs and inspires, making a permanent mark on the field of news coverage and the crowds he serves.

What happened to Reggie Aqui?

Reggie Aqui, who had co-anchored KGW’s News at 4 on weekdays and Live at 7 on weeknights, left Portland to join San Francisco’s KGO-TV. The news appeared on the 415 Media blog.

What happened to Reggie Aqui
Reggie Aqui

As Rich Lieberman wrote, Aqui had been hired by KGO-TV, the ABC ally in San Francisco. Adweek reports that Aqui is now an anchor and reporter for the station.

Aqui joined KGW, the NBC ally in Portland, in 2011. As the station’s web page says, in that time Aqui had covered everything from shootings at Clackamas Town Center and Reynolds High School to Portland’s professional cuddler, Samantha Hess.

Before moving to Portland, Aqui worked for CNN in Atlanta, where he reported on stories such as the 2008 Democratic and Republican conventions, as well as anchoring for CNN International on the Arab Spring uprising.

Responding to a Twitter user’s post congratulating him on the San Francisco job, Aqui responded by saying thank you to the user named Stephanie and mentioning his excitement.

Where is Reggie Aqui Now?

Reggie Aqui’s current location may vary according to his work schedule. As an anchor for ABC7 Mornings, he often appears at the station’s San Francisco studio.

When not on air, Reggie lives in San Francisco with his husband Phil, and their beloved pet, Woodstock. This familiar setting provides him with the comfort and stability he requires to recharge and prepare for his demanding schedule.

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