What happened to Reynad? Journey from MTG to Hearthstone

Reynad is a renowned name in the field of online competitive card games. He began his journey by streaming his gameplay online and slowly he got recognition because of his strategies and superb gameplay. He rose to a lot of fame and money from online streaming. He even announced his own game, The Bazaar.

Reynad began playing MTG and streaming his matches online in 2012 and his strategies in the game impressed many players. He became a known figure in the MTG community and collaborated with other players also. His commentary affected the viewers because it made the stream even more engaging.

Then he shifted to a popular game Hearthstone and this was the peak point in his career. As Heartstone was released in 2013 Reynad saw an opportunity for growth in this game and joined it. This proved to be a solid decision and grew enormous fame to Reynad.

What happened to Reynad?

Reynad was a popular Hearthstone streamer, he’d complain about something that a lot of people complain about here, too. He felt the lack of strategic gameplay in Hearthstone as compared to MTG and that made him lose his interest in Hearthstone. In 2018, Reynad almost disappeared from the Hearthstone gameplay and streams.

Reynad’s initial idea for The Bazaar was a card game that would solve the issue by taking the discrete play elements of deck builder card games, building the deck playing the games, and turning them into one.

However, his game failed to achieve success in the gaming world because of the lack of interesting strategic gameplay.

What happened to Reynad

In his recent stream, he appeared to be very disconnected and some people even mentioned that he was high on something. He was talking about religion, Jesus, satanic forces, and all.

His direction in life seems to have changed and due to this his own game The Bazaar is not getting the traction and updates that it needs.

Why was Reynad disconnected from Online game streaming?

He knew that most deck-building games require less mechanics and all they need is your strategies and knowledge. Reynald was well known for how strategic games work but his own game lacks many features and needs some changes.

He completely left the online game streaming of Hearthstone which was his peak achievement. He still appears live sometimes but it does not entertain as much as it used to. He spent a big portion of his time and energy on his own game but never got the desired results which made him disconnected.

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