What happened to Rivi in Griselda? The Real-Life Echoes in Griselda’s Cocaine Empire

Sofia Vergara impresses as Griselda Blanco, Miami’s queenpin with an iron will and a tendency for extreme violence, in the cocaine-fueled rollercoaster “Griselda.” Enter Martín Rodríguez, the show’s enigmatic hitman extraordinaire, Jorge “Rivi” Ayala.

Rivi’s journey from rival gang hitman to Blanco’s right-hand man is an exciting one—imagine being the guy Blanco trusted more than her assassin husband! Talk about a work performance evaluation.

Rivi, with a complicated and ambiguous personality, does heinous acts as if they were Halloween candy, and she plays a critical part in both Blanco’s rise to power and her eventual fall from grace. That’s what you call workplace turmoil!

What happened to Rivi in Griselda?

Rivi’s criminal career in Griselda comes to an end when he is arrested during a bank heist. In the hopes of receiving a reduced sentence, he chooses to assist the authorities, mimicking real-life events following Ayala’s arrest in 1993. Ayala, Blanco’s enforcer, worked with authorities.

However, a phone sex scandal involving two Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office secretaries tainted Ayala’s credibility as a witness. In the program, the controversy deepens Rivi’s condition.

What happened to Rivi in Griselda

In actuality, Jorge Ayala, who plays Rivi, pled guilty to three murder counts and is presently serving a life sentence, of 31 years in jail.

Go through the video to learn about what happened to Rivi in real life after Griselda:

Griselda: What is it?

“Griselda” is more than just a miniseries; it’s a thrilling voyage through the neon-lit worlds of crime, power, and one ferocious Colombian drug leader, Griselda Blanco, masterfully portrayed by Sofia Vergara.

Andrés Baiz directs this American biographical crime drama written by Doug Miro and Ingrid Escajeda and produced by the dynamic duo Eric Newman and Sofia Vergara.

“Griselda” launched on Netflix on January 25, 2024, and soon gained traction, with six hour-long episodes diving into the highs and lows of Blanco’s renowned empire.

The series not only broke but smashed records, debuting at number one in 89 countries and topping Netflix’s Global Weekly Top 10 TV (English) list.

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