What happened to Roy in the Shipping Wars? A look into his life

In the fast-paced world of shipping and transporting unusual items, Roy Garber, known as “The Handyman” on A&E’s Shipping Wars, left an indelible mark as a jack-of-all-trades and a major know-it-all.

His expertise, combined with a colorful personality, made him one of the show’s top earners. However, the Shipping Wars community was shaken when news broke of Roy’s sudden disappearance.

In this journey through Roy’s life, we’ll explore his role on the show, his diverse skills, and the impact he made before bidding farewell to the Shipping Wars family.

Who is Roy on Shipping Wars?

On the A&E television series Shipping Wars, Roy Garber, also referred to as “The Handyman,” was a shipper. In New Hampshire, he owned and ran Arbie’s Team Transport.

What happened to Roy in the Shipping Wars
Roy Garber

Travis is the only child he has. Muffy, his cat, went everywhere with him. Jennifer has helped him, and he has helped her. Roy was an enormous know-it-all and a true jack-of-all-trades.

He seemed to have experience with everything, from TIG welding to alligator trapping, and he never encountered a task or circumstance that he could not handle, and was not afraid to tell so.

Roy, a skilled craftsman, provided for his son by managing a modest house construction and renovation business. Roy turned his passion and full-time job into shipping as his son’s graduation approached. 

What happened to Roy in the Shipping Wars?

Roy Garber, the star of Shipping Wars, passed away at the age of 49 from a heart attack.

After having a heart attack, Garber, who had a cardiac condition, was taken to a hospital in Texas but passed away later, according to his longtime girlfriend.

According to a representative for the program, the network is “deeply saddened by the loss of a member of the A&E family.” Garber is survived by a son, Travis.

One of the main truckers on the show, Roy Garber, is called a “major know-it-all” and a “jack-of-all-trades.”

A passionate angler and skilled scuba diver, he occasionally ventured into the Gulf Coast’s deep waters to hunt the biggest shark he could locate.

Roy, who is among the highest-paid individuals in the nation, founded Arbie’s Team Transport following more than 18 years of raising his son Travis alone.

Roy, a skilled craftsman, provided for his son by managing a modest construction and renovation business. Roy has turned his passion and full-time job into shipping.

Although Roy was a mainstay in the Shipping Wars cast, he ceased to appear in the last few seasons of the program. Regretfully, Roy’s absence was brought on by his death.

Roy suffered a heart attack and died. Then, he was just 49 years old. Though he did not survive, Roy’s girlfriend at the time confirmed that he had been taken to a hospital in Texas following a heart attack.

Even though Roy’s heart attack occurred six years ago, viewers of the show in reruns are only now becoming aware of his passing. Shortly after the incident, one of the episodes of Shipping Wars featured a brief tribute to Roy.

His Legacy.com page has received over 1,600 messages since shortly after his death, the most recent ones being from June 2020.

The A&E YouTube channel offers full episodes of Shipping Wars for those who want to keep reliving Roy’s memories.

Was Roy Garber married?

In terms of his married life, Roy has not disclosed any accurate information about his spouse on social media, nor has he made any mention of their vow exchange.

Although Roy Garber had dated a small number of women in the past, he kept his relationship insights a secret. Roy was spending quality time with his longtime girlfriend, Molly, until he passed away.

In addition, the couple had been dating for a few years. In actuality, the couple’s first encounter took place on a movie set.

Conversely, Travis Garber, the 18-year-old son of late TV personality Roy through a previous relationship with an unidentified woman, was born.

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