What happened to Ryker Webb? Ryker’s story of making it through the wilderness at just 3 years of age is fascinating

A video is making the rounds on the internet in which a relative of Ryker is seen asking him where he was when he vanished from home about a year ago. Ryker vanished under mysterious circumstances.

The case back then was all the rage. It attracted genuine concerns from caring people in the community as well as far-fetched conspiracy theories from outliers. But the question still hangs in the balance. What went wrong? Where was Tyler during those doomed two days in June 2022?

What happened to Ryker Webb?

Ryker Webb, the 3-year-old who vanished from his Montana home in June 2022, was found safe after two days. He was discovered hiding in a shed near his house, shaken but unharmed. Though there were theories, including talk of magic or foul play, the exact circumstances of his disappearance remain uncertain.

Ryker Webb

Webb went missing while playing with his family’s dog. In front of the family’s Troy, Montana, house, the boy and the dog were having fun. But Webb is said to have left and entered the jungle. Two hours later, Webb’s parents contacted the police, and a search team was organized.

In the town of Troy, many people started searching in vain for Webb. It was a challenging weather pattern, with sporadic thunderstorms and lows in the 40s. “Dozens of people helped in the search around the Bull Lake area south of Troy,” ABC reported. Officers say that during the search, ATVs, drones, dog teams, and a boat were all employed to find Webb.

Where was Webb during the 2 days that he was away?

Drones from Flathead County and helicopters from the Montana Air National Guard were brought in to help with the search after one night of not finding him. However, in the end, it didn’t matter because Webb was discovered by a couple who went to check on their little shed in the back of their cabin upon becoming aware of some sounds.

Webb managed to withstand the severe weather and the profusion of wildlife, including bears and mountain lions, by seeking refuge in the shed where the family stores their generator.

“From the shed out back, where they keep a generator, they heard a little boy’s voice,” Lincoln County Sheriff Darren Short said. “They proceeded to the shed and discovered him there. He was terrified beyond belief. He was, of course! Three years old and all by himself in the bitter Montanan woods!

“We’re still looking into why he disappeared and why he wasn’t being watched closely,” Short said at the time. Additionally, Short stated that Webb was overjoyed to see his folks again. Though it appears to be an accident gone wrong, conspiracy theories continue to surface on the internet.

Following the viral success of Ryker Webb’s account of his encounter, other theories emerged regarding the actual events. We hear someone asking Webb about what occurred when he “got lost” in a TikTok video. Webb mentions that there was “a house” and a person; however, it’s not obvious to whom he’s referring. He appears preoccupied with something off the screen.

According to some, Webb managed to get miles away from his intended location by being kidnapped. Some like to think that skin-walkers had a hand in it. Skinwalkers are recognized, according to Navajo tradition, as evil witches who may take the form of animals or change into them.

We’re relieved that Webb is now content and healthy, regardless of whether there was terrible magic, horrible people, or just a youngster wandering in the woods.

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