What happened to Saul Saenz at KVIA? Insights from KVIA Journalist’s School Experience

Saul Saenz is an American anchor, reporter, and host who currently works for KVIA. He works as an anchor, reporter, and Xtra host at the station. He prefers to keep his personal life private, so he has not disclosed when he was born.

He graduated from Riverside High School and went on to study at the University of Southern California.

ABC-7 Journalists Step into School Leadership Roles

Two ABC-7 writers, Saul Saenz and Adrian Ochoa, switched their newsroom jobs for a day to become secondary school directors, involving themselves in the daily operations of two El Paso secondary schools.

During his experience as head for the afternoon, Adrian had the opportunity to demonstrate his musical abilities while visiting the school’s band.

Pondering his experience, Adrian communicated appreciation for acquiring a more profound comprehension of the huge responsibilities and obligations carried by instructors and managers.

He recognized the significance of perceiving the in-the-background endeavors of educators and directors in cultivating a positive instructive climate. Both Saul and Adrian arose as chiefs with newly discovered bits of knowledge and appreciation for the commitment and difficult work of instructors and overseers.

Saul underscored the meaning of possible connection and compatibility working in encouraging positive understudy educator connections, while Adrian featured the broad obligations and difficulties faced by school pioneers.

Generally speaking, their day from the chief’s point of view gave an important point of view on the complexities of school organization and the devotion expected to help understudy achievement.

What happened to Saul Saenz at KVIA?

Saul Saenz currently works at KVIA near other famous editorialists and anchors. He has transformed into a famous face to watchers across El Paso. Seriously for detailing and a guarantee to convey precise and persuading news consideration, Saul has committed to the station’s flourishing.

What happened to Saul Saenz at KVIA
Saul Saenz

Joining KVIA as an anchor, journalist, and Xtra have, Saul has displayed versatility and noteworthy expertise in his work. Whether covering spreading the word stories, coordinating all-around interviews, or associating with watchers through remarkable work, Saul has consistently conveyed superb news inclusion.

Saul’s devotion to his specialty and his obligation to serve the local area is clear in his work at KVIA. With a solid instructional foundation, Saul brings information and mastery to his job.

As an individual from the KVIA group, Saul has received acknowledgment for his commitment to the station’s modification and inclusion. With his connecting live presence and commitment to editorial greatness, Saul Saenz keeps on having a beneficial outcome at KVIA, illuminating and enabling watchers with opportune and shrewd news inclusion.

Which Anchor is Leaving KVIA News?

The new takeoffs from KVIA News incorporate Mauricio Casillas, who filled in as the Anchor and Leader Maker for Good Morning El Paso. Mauricio Casillas, warmly known as “Blemish,” as of late declared his choice to leave his old neighborhood of El Paso and join NBC Washington as a columnist. Throughout his time at KVIA, Mauricio held different jobs, starting as the station’s very first traffic anchor.

His devotion and solid working attitude pushed him from this job to turn into an end-of-the-week morning anchor, and later a leader maker and co-anchor for Good Morning El Paso.

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