What happened to Seal’s face? Scars are Causing Speculations

The British singer, mostly known as Seal, gained success in the music industry at an early age. Fans have loved his songs for a long time. Seal has also achieved name recognition in other entertainment fields, which makes him an outstanding artist.

The raspy-voiced singer sold more than 20 million records, making him one of the most popular singers of the era.

His romantic songs have reached a large audience, especially songs like “Kiss From a Rose.” However, fans have been wondering for quite some time what happened to Seal’s face.

Seal’s Happy Married Life to Tragedy

Seal’s life was getting on the right track. He was doing great in his professional life as well as his personal life. Seal fell in love and married the beautiful German model Heidi Klum. Their wedding was no less than a dreamy, heavenly setting.

The couple got married on a Mexican beach in May 2005, with gorgeous water in the background and sunshine to make their lives brighter.

Even their anniversary was unique and beautiful, as they kept renewing their vows every year and celebrated their wedding anniversary by throwing a party and inviting the important people in their lives.

Everything was going great; in fact, they had four beautiful children. Klum has many times revealed how kind and compassionate Seal is. He is the best father she can ask for her children.

They were completely madly in love until things went south when the news came about Klum and Seal’s divorce. With their divorce in 2012, their vows to each other ended and both went on separate paths. But as they are parents, they continue to co-parent their kids and have bonded over raising their children.

Questions on Face Scar

Everyone knows that facial beauty is not as important as being beautiful from the inside. And the world knows that Seal is a compassionate and soulful person. His voice is an example of his soul.

The deep, raspy voice shows his deep soul. However, people still wonder about his face because it has some unusual facial scars.

These scars look painful and concerning to fans. There are many speculations and rumors about his scars but none of them are clear.

What happened to Seal’s face?

Seal has scars on his face. It is a type of lupus called discoid lupus erythematosus. Even though there are many rumors about his accidents, street fights, and many others, they are not true.

What happened to Seal's face

The truth is, he is suffering from an autoimmune skin disease. Patients with this type of disease get painful scars and patches on their skin, like on their face, cheeks, scalp, and ears. Many patients even go through hair loss and skin lesions on the scalp.

Even though it seems like a serious problem, it has many treatments. The treatment is typically done with topical steroids and sunscreen. Other medicines, like hydroxychloroquine, are also given to treat the disease.

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