What happened to Sexy Vegan?

Sexy Vegan, born Hansel DeBartolo III, captured the public’s attention with his eccentric persona and controversial antics. This article delves into the legal troubles of the social media personality, examining the charges, plea, and subsequent consequences. Explore the intriguing saga of Sexy Vegan and the broader discussions it ignited.

Who is Sexy Vegan?

Shenel DeBartolo III (aka Sexy Vegan), whose name alone implies the spirit of weirdness, emerged from the sea of social media, thrilling his followers with his unusually outgoing behavior and eccentric beliefs.

Initially, it was his supernatural talents that helped him to grab the attention, which was butt-lifting, but later on, he started endorsing a wide range of unorthodox practices

However, DeBartolo grasped the fact that the media is what enlarges the public opinion about him. That is why, in his appearances on popular TV shows, for example, Dr. Phil, he continues to pronounce his love toward the insects, and he also asserts his positive views on some atypical behaviors that only intensify the surrounding mystery. This showed in his online activities and media appearances when

However, on the other hand, while his comical acts and persona gained popularity on social media, it elicited a lot of criticism as well as controversy.

Some people had an opinion that he was seeking attention and was eccentric, while others spectated his behavior which they found entertaining or strange.

Despite that, such extraordinary and unconventional approaches to self-promotion and advocacy characterized Sexy Vegan and distinguished him from the mainstream.

What happened to Sexy Vegan?

Hansel DeBartolo III, also known as “Sexy Vegan,” pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace after posting a video online of his pit bull licking his rear end. He received probation, community service, and a sex offender program.

What happened to Sexy Vegan
Sexy Vegan

The life of Hansel DeBartolo, also known as “Sexy Vegan,” is an example of how certain videos can result in legal consequences. He conspired a video that featured his pit bull licking his rear which resulted in a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace. He took a plea bargain of probation time of two years, community service, and a sex offender program for

The reason for the fame of DeBartolo was more than the controversial activity he directed during the photo shoot from where the video was recorded. It had been both the name changing to “Sexy Vegan” and tattooing it to his upper body that obscurely stood out along with his social media which was dominated by showcasing his buttocks and the following.

His social media presence primarily revolved around promoting his buttocks, which garnered attention from various platforms. He appeared on television shows like Dr. Phil, where he presented himself as an advocate for insects, emphasizing his peculiar lifestyle choices such as leaving bottle caps with toothpaste attached to provide ventilation for insects.

What legal trouble did Sexy Vegan face?

A misdemeanor offense of disturbing the peace is what Sexy Vegan aka. Hansel Renaud III had to deal with and it was known to him as, Criminal Trespassing. The charge subjected him following a video he posted online that showed his pit bull licking a rear end in a nonsensical manner. But by doing so, he was guilty of mistreatment and shaming others hence in January 2020, he pleaded no contest to this charge resulting in a one-year probation and community service.

In January 2020, Hansel DeBartolo aka Sexy Vegan got into court trouble, when he copped out to a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace charge.

Ultimately, this duty would be directly tied to an inflammatory video he contributed online, although, in it, his pet was the pit bull licking his ass.

The actor then became the target of the outrage which in turn ensued legal action against him. Consequently, Sexy Vegan received treatment such as compulsory probation, community service, and participation in a sexual offenders program.

Moreover, the Probation Officer banned him from all animal ownership during the probationary period.

The case has been the object of special focus because of its uncommonness and the depth of emotions people experience when they comment about it.

Notwithstanding the possible legal consequences, this particular instance will set a standard for everyone to always show empathy to animals as well without acting irresponsibly on the internet.

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