What happened to Steven Assanti? Post the Show Journey of the Assanti Brothers from ‘My 600-lb Life’

The popular show My 600-lb Life was a reality show based on the struggles people go through with obesity. They portrayed two brothers, Justin and Steven Assanti, who became popular after getting featured on My 600-lb Life.

They were struggling with obesity and decided to hop onto the weight loss journey. This weight loss journey was made under the guidance of bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

In episode 13 of season 5, the Assanti brothers, Justin and Steven, could be seen facing several challenges and setbacks.

Struggles and Controversies

Justin and Steven had both faced a lot of struggles while losing their weight. Dr. Nowzaradan is particularly known for strictly making his patients follow the weight loss regime set. He pushes patients to their limits.

Patients like Steven and Justin face a lot of hurdles; even Steven got expelled from the hospital while following a weight loss regime. This happened because he was consuming substances, and he was also found to be misbehaving with staff and abusing them, which further damaged his reputation.

Justin was comparatively reserved and didn’t encounter such events yet his journey wasn’t smooth either. However, at least he didn’t get expelled.

Estrangement and Weight Loss Progress

After going through all the struggles in My 600-lb Life, Justin could lose 200 pounds after the show by undergoing bariatric surgery. After the show, Steven is said to have lost 300 pounds from 800 pounds. Dr. Nowzaradan has doubts regarding the weight loss claim.

Both the brothers, Justin and Steven, parted ways after the show. Even after going through challenges and struggling to reduce weight, they couldn’t stay together. They are not on speaking terms as per reports, indicating that they couldn’t sort out their differences and make their strained relationship work.

What happened to Steven Assanti
Steven Assanti

Marriage and Personal Life

In a stunning flip of events, Steven found love and married Stephanie Sanger after his stint on the show. However, the newfound reputation brought by My 600-lb Life reportedly strained their relationship.

Steven and Stephanie claimed that the editing portrayed him in a negative light, emphasizing his flaws over his wonderful tendencies.

Despite the challenges, Steven manages to manage his business, Hobby Haven, which serves as a coping mechanism for his social anxiety.

What happened to Steven Assanti?

Steven Assanti, known for his appearance on “My 600-lb Life,” faced health struggles and rumors of his demise. However, his brother Justin refuted the rumors, confirming that Steven is alive despite their estrangement.

In February 2023, rumors circulated that Steven had suffered a heart attack and passed away at the age of 40. However, Justin, who typically shies away from the spotlight, took to social media to refute the claims.

While acknowledging their estrangement, Justin confirmed that Steven was alive and well, dispelling the false rumors surrounding his brother’s health.

As of now, the current status and health conditions of the Assanti brothers remain unknown, but they have not succumbed to the reported rumors of their demise.

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