What Happened to Taylor brother on Southern Charm?

Unexpectedly, Taylor Ann Green, the star of Southern Charm, is having to deal with the unexpected death of her brother Richard Worthington Green, often known as “Worth.”

On June 8, the 36-year-old departed this life, leaving behind a legacy of happiness, love, and a lifelong passion that inspired everyone in his path.

The family’s request for confidentiality highlights the profound emotional toll that this tragedy has caused.

The original tragic news was revealed by Taylor Ann’s sister, Catie King, on Instagram. She called Worth “the best big brother I could have ever asked for,” highlighting the void his departure has left.

What Happened to Taylor brother on Southern Charm? Love, Laughter, and a Life Well-Lived

Taylor Ann, 28, and their entire family are devastated by Worth’s departure. The family revealed their heartfelt sorrow in an official statement to PEOPLE, saying, “Worth left this world on top of the world – he had a beautiful passion for life and cared deeply for those around him.”

His absence is indescribable, his family remembers him with great affection for them, his fiancée, and a host of other people. He was a happy and gregarious man.

What Happened to Taylor brother on Southern Charm
Richard Worthington Green

Adding a Gossipy and Entertaining Touch

Worth was more than simply a brother in the world of Southern Charm- he was a colorful character who gave the family dynamics some flare.

Well-known for his flamboyant enthusiasm for life, Worth’s influence went beyond his close friends and family, drawing the interest of fellow Southern Charm star Shep Rose, who praised him as “absolutely one of a kind.” A joy to laugh and get to know.”

A South Carolina funeral home posted a poignant obituary that perfectly captures Worth’s larger-than-life personality.

Worth was seen as a stunning example of enjoying life to the fullest, he was gregarious, affectionate, and had never met a stranger.

His protective and encouraging position for his sisters was evidence of the close relationships he had with his family.

Without including Worth’s latest initiatives, such as founding a men’s club in his neighborhood in North Carolina and falling in love with Caroline, the narrative wouldn’t be complete.

The story gains depth from the facts of Worth’s life, his struggles with religion, and his future plans with Caroline.

This allows the story to transcend beyond being merely a tale of grief and become a celebration of the extraordinary life Worth led.

Amidst this tragedy, the Southern Charm community laments the passing of a vibrant soul as friends and family come together to say goodbye to Worth.

Worth’s earthly journey will come to an end on Saturday with his funeral, which is sure to be a solemn occasion filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

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