What happened to Tedashii son? Tedashii Talks Grieving Loss of His One-Year-Old Son

Tedashii Lavoy Anderson, or Tedashii, is an American Christian hip-hop artist and member of the hip-hop troupe, 116 Clique. In addition, he was the host of “Serium” on NGEN Radio. Reach Records has issued five of Tedashii’s solo albums: Kingdom People, Identity Crisis, Blacklight, Below Paradise, and Never Fold. His delivery style is characterized by a deep voice that he can manipulate to rap a wide range of flow schemes and patterns.

What happened to Tedashii son?

Christian rapper Tedashii’s one-year-old son died in a car crash—something that rocked the familyman to the core of his soul.

Tedashii and Danielle Anderson handled their grief following the untimely death of their son in different ways. But the Anderson family found solace in God’s goodness despite their shock, rage, and grief.

They were more devoted to the gospel than ever before because of the pain and sorrow caused by their loss. Tedashii and Danielle find solace in their hope in Christ and celebrate new life in Jesus despite their grief.

Tedashii Says Tragedy Makes People Respond ‘Awkwardly’;

Christian rapper Tedashii was on this week’s episode of the Bad Christian Podcast, where he opened up about the tragedy of losing his son and how sometimes people’s intentions of cheering someone up make things worse.

What happened to Tedashii son
Tedashii son

The Below Paradise rapper said some of the worst things people can do is saying, “It’s going to be alright or It’s God’s plan.” In those moments, that does not help, but all rationale goes out the window. He continued, “Whenever someone did that, it felt as even knowingly or unknowingly, they were trying to avoid the awkwardness of what I felt.”

Tedashii said doing the song “Chase” was his way of saying, here is everything “I felt as a father, as a person who only had a certain amount of time with my son of the Earth.” He said the song is for the world to see and sit in on.

In addition to the typical reply of “Hey, it is going to be okay,” I hope that those who hear this will sit in the awkwardness with me and progress into empathy, sympathy, concern, or anything that the Lord could do.

Tedashii has amassed over eight million cumulative views on YouTube and sold over 120,000 albums. His last release, Blacklight, debuted at No. 2 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart and No. 8 on the iTunes overall album chart.

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